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13 reviews for Djarum Bali Hai

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  1. SpiderSan

    These are probably my favorite of the Djarum line (never have tried 76’s, though). Their flavor is much smoother, in my opinion, than the Blacks. They have a great flavor and very enticing packaging. The price is very high, but worth it for what you get, in my opinion.

  2. Sultana1

    Tastes great. Doesn’t leave a bad aftersmell like regular cigs. Djarum is simply the best. Very high quality tobacco compared to most
    American brands..

  3. Claudia

    I simply love Bali Hai, there is a group of us who only smoke them and they are only available i one shop in our town, they are quite expensive so i look forward to this site having them available so we can buy them cheaply. Anyone who likes clove cigarettes will love these

  4. Bianca

    These are very special kreteks. I went on a journey to find these, and I found them here! I bought them, and they are wonderful. These cloves are the vacation of kreteks. A very sweet, fruity flavor, and potent. I smoke cloves like I’m going to get a prize if I manage to die of cancer at 23, and these buzzed me like my first black. If you can get a hold of these, sit back and enjoy yourself, for you have in your possession something very nice. Fucking good cigarettes.

  5. bourke jr

    They’re good, but I’m not going to buy them again unless I can’t get Blacks. They’re weaker, but they are pleasant, and They selling for $21 per pack, too expensive! However, they’re not a bad backup.

  6. Chuck

    I would describe the flavor of Djarum’s Bali Hais as a mix between Djarum’s Blacks and a regular cigarette. I enjoyed the sweet tasting paper (just like I found in the Blacks), but noticed slightly less clove flavor (note, I said SLIGHTLY). They’re rolled in plain white paper, with the usual brown filtered end. When I tried them, I was hoping for something that varied from the Blacks more. Great smokes all the same.

  7. Djarum Admirer

    Wish I could give these a 4.5. I love anything from Djarum and these definitely live up to the name. They have kind of a fruity taste tho them, almost pineapple or bananaish but that’s just my opinion. Very nice : )

  8. EMphsyma

    My favorite Djarum by far. None of the evil lung you get from Blacks :p although they are still strong compared with regular cigarettes- and a great flavor.

  9. Everton

    Once again with the Bali Hai proves that Djarum knows how to make tasty cigarettes. I’ve never smoked a type of Djarum that I didn’t like and the Bali Hai are no exception. While Blacks are still my favorite, Bali Hai falls in someplace with Menthols and Specials, two other Djarum flavors that I’ve given 5 stars to. Compared to Blacks, they hit stronger and the taste is slightly different as compared to Blacks. I can’t quite describe the taste though.


    Awesome!!! 2nd favorite djarum cigarette (Blacks are and will always be #1)! Packaging CAN’T gets anymore flamboyant! highly recommended.

  11. Strag

    I tried bali hai for the first time after having the blacks and I would definitely suggest them for someone else to try. Honestly I smoke hookah and flavored cigarettes but the bali hai is a perfect balance between a regular cigarette and something flavored. The only downfall is that the US is cracking down on stuff like this so its a little expensive in some places but if you see it I would suggest giving it a try.

  12. Antonello

    Anyone knows the nicotine content of Bali Hai?
    I would like to try them, but there’s no information.

  13. Jimmy Claypoole

    They are a great cigarettes but kinda expensive. I like a couple a day with my beer and Marlboro’s. Clove is a wonderful spice.

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