Sobranie Black Russian

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The price is for one single pack of 20 cigarettes.

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30 reviews for Sobranie Black Russian

  1. Luciano H.

    Excellent. A true classic. Just the package and presentation are worth the on the high side cost.

  2. Alex Hannington

    excellent products excellent price x3

  3. john lee

    your sure to raise eyebrows from strangers and expect confrontation what your smoking lol. everything from the pack design, to the gold filter and black wrapper make this thing really stand out. Oh, even the taste and smell too. The taste, its catered toward russian/ easterners who really enjoy their tea i suppose as you really get a whiff of tea fragrance which i cant quiet pin-point down to. The tobacco seems slightly dark and smells very rich, the taste if i can recall correctly is a mix of dark chocolate (very faint) with a blend of tea (also somewhat faint, but noticeable especially if you retro-hale) topped with hearty rich tobacco. this is a must try IMO for any smokers

  4. Alex H.

    all fine unfortunately I could only buy 2

  5. Elizabeth S.

    Very happy with purchase. The team were very quick with responding to questions. Would definitely recommend.

  6. rafajafa

    Only if you like very light cigarettes, Tar 7 mg, Nicotine 0.7 mg. Duty free.
    The draw is pretty airy.
    The cigarettes were very fresh, very nice sweet and spicy flavor, very high quality tobacco.
    I will never order again because I don’t like light cigarettes, or the price.
    No matter what, I would recommend to anyone to at least try them once. If you are into light cigarettes, you would absolutely love them.


    Fast and efficient

  8. MushyPurples

    Wow everything about these is super high quality. Absolutely beautiful pack. Not as harsh as I thought they would be, kind of like Marlboro gold but still would buy again. Also came with more of that awesome tea and this cheese and chocolate cracker thing, can you start selling those on here too? Lol thanks again CiggiesWorld ✌️

  9. Daniel

    The absolute best cigarettes.

  10. alexander g.

    These are a great luxury cig. Always gets attention at parties or events. Smooth and tasty, very fresh. Unique packaging.

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