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Sintren Frankincense – One pack contain 10 hand rolled frankincense cigarettes.

Known as Rokok Sintren, cigarettes made from a mixture of tobacco, root of rhubarb and frankincense are still enjoyed in the southern part of Central Java. The rhubarb cigarette is a heritage of Indonesian cigarettes in addition to kretek or clove cigarettes.

Because those who work are employees aged 60 years and over, how long will Sintren cigarettes last?

Because those who enjoy are consumers aged 60 years and over, until when Sintren cigarettes will be maintained? Of those who in the past 40-50 years were fit young men who still faithfully smoke Sintren cigarette. Rarely is there any young generation of this era who wants to enjoy this legendary cigarette.

Sintren cigarettes are individually hand rolled, bigger, fresher and aromatic.

Skillful hands, while enjoying a strong drag of frankincense cigarette.


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Weight 25 g

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  1. Michelle H.

    This is the best thing that I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking.

  2. Kris

    Wow. These are so different from everything else I’ve ever smoked – definitely not like a kretek. The smoke is heavy and extremely aromatic from the frankincense, but the flavor is milder. They smell wonderful when they burn. These are a must try for a connoisseur. (Don’t store these with your kreteks or other cigarettes – the incense smell really spreads)

  3. William F.

    not what I expected – very different, in a good way

  4. Max

    Smooth, fragrant smoke. The taste is almost fruity.

  5. Max

    Each hand roll is unique. Some smoke smoother than others. I give them a 5 for maintaining the tradition,fragrance and flavor.

  6. Anonymous

    Interesting, worth trying but I don’t know if it’s for me.

  7. rafajafa

    Interesting for sure. I just sat in the couch after smoking one of these and I keep smelling the fragrances on my clothes.
    The cigarette is very hard, very packed. Hard to drag, you have to take at least a couple of puffs before getting some heavy duty smoke. You should only put a bit of smoke in your lungs.
    Do not smoke it well pass the branding on the paper.
    Very hard hit, strong smoke yet “smooth” going down.
    I will not buy it again but it is definitely worth the experience.

  8. Austin

    Interesting. One of my favorite occasional smokes. Strong, fragrant, almost sweet.
    People will smell it and ask what the hell you’re smoking. Nothingg like a regular cig, or kretek. Almost smokes more like a cigar. I really like pulling out the tobacco and mixing it in a “smoking blend” to put in a pipe.
    Will buy again. Many more times.

  9. seanrichardbrown

    Tried these out of curiosity. They are very good; reminds me of the old French gauloises caporal unfiltered from a long time ago. Nice and burley with a mild bitterness with deep drags; and a hint of toastiness. But with a bit of pleasant spiciness, with that definite aroma of frankincense. These are a long lasting unwind after a long day smoke. Very good.

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