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Klobot clove cigarettes is a kretek cigarettes which was first produced by Gudang Garam in its early years. The unique taste of high quality tobacco and cloves wrapped in klobot (dried corn husk) continued to be preserved as a symbol of the tradition of enjoying kretek in Indonesia.

32 Mg Tar and 1.9 Mg Nicotine. 1 pack contains 5 Klobots.

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  1. Kris

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from these, but they turned out to be a real treat! Pull up a chair and settle in for a really great and unique smoke that is meticulously hand wrapped; I got a really great buzz from these. With the first drag the nicotine hit me hard (in a good way) and the rich, full, unfiltered flavor of strong tobacco and all the wonderful clove and spices was surprisingly smooth. The corn husk wrapper doesn’t lend a noticeable flavor until about halfway through, but the smoke will burn the hell out of your eyes if it gets in them. Well worth getting for the unique experience; it’s a great way to enjoy the ritual aspects of smoking.

  2. soispasignunt

    If you like the sweet tobacco mix of Gudang Garam’s unfiltered brands, then you have to give these a try. Very interesting smoke and I’m glad CW carries these, as klobots are a part of kretek history. These remind me of GG Merah or Djaja, but turned up to 11. Perfect for those nights where you don’t want to smoke multiple – you’d rather wind down with a mellow 20-minute smoke.

  3. dprnknorthkorea

    I am living next to Indonesia, which is in Sarawak, in the Land of Borneo. I buy this klobot kretek for fun, but i was surprised that the taste was really enjoyable!
    The taste was almost the same as the traditional rokok apong, the one which only unique in Borneo Island and a few other country like Burma and Cambodia, but much richer and smoother than both!
    Glad that i found this klobot for my new favourite traditional southeast asian cigarette!

  4. Jose

    Funny different crafted cigars, with nice clove taste, some times he don’t burn consistently, burning only from one side.

  5. Anonymous

    Excellent quick service. No Holdups. A most enjoyable smoke. (with plenty of smoke!!)

  6. aeriemonks

    These deserve at least a 10 star rating. They’re a really spectacular smoke! The long burn time, the tactile sensation of the corn husk, and the beautifully complex flavour all combine to make a really relaxing smoke session that always puts me in a better mood. Highly recommended!

  7. Matthew

    Another once-a-week smoke, very nice for a relaxed session and for sharing, very flavorful, there’s some numbness afterwards from the heavy clove, and the throat hit is a little harsh, which is nice sometimes.

  8. rafajafa

    I wanted to try and they didn’t disappointed.
    Very unique. I recommend these to everyone..
    You have to be skilled with the draw and the lighter to light these up, and also to maintain proper burning.
    Very strong yet very smooth and sweet.
    I thought the corn would make it too strong, and they are, but definitely something to enjoy.
    I am a factory rolled cigarette smoker, and I will never buy these again, but again I really enjoyed the experience.
    Take a small draw and don’t inhale, and then slightly deeper draw and inhale.
    Never go pass the lower string, if you get two strings just roll it over the lower one. The string also serves as a mark to when to stop.

  9. Preston

    Always a pleasure to work with! Leave some goodies in the package as well! Been ordering for quite some time, and will continue to do so!

  10. Anonymous

    Helps me reduce my daily smoking intake. Awesome !!!!!!!

  11. Sabina T.

    I was actually looking for the slimmer corn silk Djarum, do you sell and ship them also? They come in a regular cigarette pack, and I would go for another order if you carry them, THX

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