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Sampoerna A Mild is a balanced blend of high grade Java aromatic, American and other high quality tobaccos. The distinctive flavour, taste and aroma come from the addition of fine natural cloves. This quality cigarette is brought to you with pride and an uncompromising dedication from the House of Sampoerna.

1.0 Mg Nicotine 14 Mg Tar. 1 carton contains 10 packs.

Bukan Basa-Basi 16 lasermild kretek cigarettes.

All cigarettes sold in store are Non-FSC.

Author’s comment “I’ve been smoking the Sampoerna Mild since middle school. Most of the upper middle class high schooler, young executives, and women smoker in Indonesia smoke this brand. Sampoerna Mild has this normal weak start (a bit hard to drag) and first few weak tasting drags that makes you wanna quickly smoke till halfway of the cigarette so you can taste the full flavour of it. Sampoerna Mild would be the cigarette I would recommend to first timer who never smoke clove cigarettes before because the flavour from this perfect mixture of javanese tobacco, finely ground cloves and Sampoerna special flavour sauce is just perfect.”

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132 reviews for Sampoerna A Mild

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  1. D_TREE

    I loved the customer service and the delivery follow through especially liked that they accept visa unlike other sketchy lookin sites. The a milds are kind of skinny long cigs that are very smokable and have that sweet flavour but dont knock you on your ass like the blacks do. Thanks ciggiesworld.

  2. Kretek L

    I tend to stay away from anything labeled mild, because I like flavor, but I was pretty surprised by these. They aren’t too far off from Gudang Garams. They are super smooth (low tar and low nicotine content) and they do have a bit of an edge that’s like a regular cigarette, but they are very sweet and the clove flavor is pretty assertive all things considered. Very long and thin, burn quickly.

  3. Paul

    I’ve made multiple purchases of this wonderful cigarette and I’m continually satisfied. Smooth, beautiful aroma and a great tasting butt (of the cigarette)!

  4. Steve

    Cig is long lasting for a mild, which is good. Not my favorite, but one of the best mild cig for my taste.

  5. Communist

    Perfect when you want a kretek without too much strenght.

  6. Vio

    The Sampoerna A mild basically does what is says on the box. I have tried the GG Ints, Djarum Supers and the Djarum Golds, all filtered. Compared to those this is strength wise considerably milder. So a good alternative to the stronger kreteks out there. The only downside is that it is slim and it feels like you have to take a hard drag in order to inhale a satisfactory amount of smoke. Having said that, the flavour is pretty dam good. Had it been a standard cigarette thickness it would be a 5/5.

  7. brad

    The product is great. Our government sucks arse!!

  8. Mateo

    I liked this cig, its mild compared to most clove cigs. tightly packed and is quite smooth. –I ordered 11 packs to Canada with tracking-sent email money transfer with a little hesitation. It took exactly 18 days to deliver from date I ordered to Ontario, that includes the 7 days to process at the Canadian boarder in Vancouver. There was duty and tax. Canada post took credit card or cash at the door as payment with signature. VERY HAPPY with this company.

  9. Arty

    I tend to stay away from clove cigarettes that are labeled as mild, because I like them full flavour, but I was pretty surprised by these. They are right up there with the Gudangs in terms of flavor. They are super smooth (due to low tar and nic) and they do taste a bit like regular cigarette, but they are very sweet and the clove flavor can be felt. all things considered. Very long and thin, burn quickly. 4/5 Stars

  10. Bradford Johnson

    Full shipment arrived intact. Took a bit longer than I’d hoped, but well within the timeline established. Sender was responsive to inquiries.

  11. John

    Lighter and sweet

  12. antonelloloddo2

    Sampoerna A smoke, remembers me the warmth
    of MS Azzurre, but with the added flavour of cloves.
    They are good, and I suggest to buy them.

  13. Paul

    A solid full body clove, heavier than some of the other “mild” or “light” ones but not too heavy. Quite nice.

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