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Marlboro Menthol – Filter cigarettes.

Marlboro is the largest selling brand of cigarettes in the world. It is made by Philip Morris USA (a branch of Altria) within the US, and by Philip Morris International (now separate from Altria) outside the US.

20 menthol cigarettes. 13 Mg Tar and 1.0 Mg Nicotine.

Made under authority of Philip Morris Brands Sarl Neuchatel, Switzerland.

The Marlboro cigarettes sold in store are NON FSC.


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  1. Handoko

    Hi!! Just wanted to say I love ordering from you! I give you 5 stars out 5! Great service and the packaging I received was outstanding and impressive!! Thanks so much!! Finally I can get to smoke my favorite Marlboro without the gagging effect of the FSC additive they have here in the sates!

    I also wanted to suggest that you should consider selling Black Devil brand cigarettes and Pink Elephant cigarettes. Thank you so much and thanks for outstanding service 🙂

  2. Bleach

    My default brand. Very strong but pleasant menthol taste.

  3. Puffer

    Yum yum. Hate my habit but these are great cigarettes. They’re cool, easy on the throat, and give you a great feeling. I try to limit cigs due to tolerance and all it’s annoyance, and these are great to light up with some buddies and beer after you’ve had a long week.

  4. Toby

    This is a great cigarette. Has a nice light menthol taste, and is smooth on your throat. Except for the price theses are good.

  5. Vulp

    I smoked only Marlboro Menthol for three years straight; never touched another cigarette. Having been my brand of choice I can say this; they taste like a Halls cough-drop combined with a Marlboro Red. Although I eventually switched over to non-menthol cigarettes, I would still recommend Marlboro Menthol to any person who is a fan of mentholated cigarettes. If not for the taste, then for the experience.

  6. John

    I bought these ciggies after seeing that this website looked really and good and it is. I saved £50 overall on 200 cigs which is a bargain! I live in the UK and it took 12 days for them to be delivered and I didn’t get taxed a penny. I would reccomend this website to anyone, especially people from the UK as cigarettes are so expensive in this country.

    The cigs themselves are very good! They’re pretty strong with a menthol taste that isn’t overpowering like Ice Blasts. Its probably between a Marlboro red and Marlboro light with a menthol taste so perfect for me and the packet design is really cool as always with Marlboro. The only negative I have is that the nicotine content aren’t on the packets so I don’t really know how much it is really packing but that is a very small negative.

    I’ll be getting my cigs here from now on.

  7. harry

    Nice taste of tobacco helped with a nice menthol taste but personally I prefer the ice blasts for the strength of the menthol but would buy again

  8. paquet_eric

    Classic good menthol cigarettes.

  9. Stephen

    The menthol in these is very light, but the cigarette itself is quite nice. If you’re looking for a light menthol these might be just what you want.

  10. Michael Odonovan

    Great cigarette, smooth with a constant light menthol taste. Strong and smooth tobacco. Marlboro does good tobacco. I personally prefer the crush burst style rather than the normal flavoured menthol ones though.

  11. Anonymous

    Great cigarettes but pack arrived a bit damaged.

  12. alexander g.

    Brought me back to my high school years with non-fsc. These we’re just as delicious as i remember or better.

  13. Wojciech Nowak

    happy buyer!

  14. Jackson waldeck

    Taste great very refreshing

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