Gudang Garam Deluxe

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Gudang Garam King Size Special de Luxe.

Gudang Garam Deluxe is a premium kretek clove cigarette made of chopped best tobacco and best quality cloves. Gudang Garam Deluxe is formulated specifically for smokers who want a different flavor. Sold in a pack of 16, wrapped in golden packaging to enhance its exclusiveness.

Gudang Garam King Size Special de Luxe – 16 King Size clove cigarettes.

38 Mg Tar and 2.7 Mg Nicotine.

Made by Gudang Garam Kediri, Indonesia.

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27 reviews for Gudang Garam Deluxe

  1. Benjamin M.

    Sweet, spicy and delicious. Mild but full flavor tobacco. Excellent smokes.

  2. Lucas

    Very good, but compared to what other were saying only 4/5

  3. slcmikata

    The original GG unfiltered I bought in Malaysia & what a Smoke they are! Best Punch out of all the GGs.
    I will get to order them here from Their true Country of Origin Indonesia!
    Do they come without that wretched government health scare?
    Millions of Smokers do not have the horrible health problems depicted on the rest of most packs”
    Thanks my Friends”

  4. soispasignunt

    My new favorite – from the extra large and wide packaging to the quality burn throughout (it’s hard to find unfiltereds in anything but a soft pack – this is a push-up design that keeps them protected). It has a perfect consistency – not too loose, not too tight – and a great flavor that is reminiscent of other GG unfiltered brands.

  5. Dandia Tubagus Saepuloh Ojo

    Taste poor and harsh on the throat

  6. Pierre-Henri Reymond

    I like to smoke all Gudang Garam, but the Deluxe ones I prefer. In addition, other brands cigarettes is consumed very quickly, from 7 to 9 minutes! It is possible that products accelerate combustion. You enjoy smoking GG for 24 minutes.

  7. Pierre-Henri Reymond

    Beat service for best cigarette. Thank you Jeff!

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