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Since 1907 – Dunhill International – London . Paris . New York

Created by Dunhill blenders from tobacco of exceptional quality.

To be the world’s finest cigarettes. Made to Dun hill’s standards of perfection.

Dunhill International Cigarettes retain the smell of fresh tobacco and have a complex flavor. Spicy, with a hint of sweetness, Dunhill Cigarettes taste like tobacco should. Dunhill cigarettes have an aroma that is enticing and not spoiled by excessive use of additives.

Internationally renowned since 1907. Made in UK

12mg tar and 1.2mg of nicotine

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Dunhill International. Since 1907 – London . Paris . New York

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Weight37 g

54 reviews for Dunhill International (London – UK)

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  1. Lovin Johnson

    Although I like 555, this seems healthier and can be smoked regularly. This is like export a gold but richer tasting like Marlboro or a bit of players red added.

  2. Maxine N David

    One of the very best. Full flavour, yet smooth, king size cigarette. A classic smoke that will not dissapoint.

  3. DB

    Great rich flavor though at the same time, nice and smooth. Ordering more. Thanks Ciggiesworld.

  4. longy

    These are my go to smokes from ciggiesworld. Full of flavour, good kick and no bad aftertaste. The only downside is they take a fair while to smoke due to being 100mm.

  5. Reza

    I just received my carton of Dunhill International cigarettes that i have purchased from ciggiesworld, and i they are great πŸ™‚

    Although it took a while to ship, the customer service was really good, and i even received a text message from ciggiesworld when my order arrived, which was very nice.

    Also, there was no cutoms duty charged upon delivery, which is a first for me.

    Highly recommend this store, will purchase again πŸ™‚


    These are very good.

  7. Nick

    A subtle smooth quality cigarette to be enjoyed by all. Dunhill International are a cut above the rest. Apart from the appealing packaging, I highly recommend this brand if you are sourcing a smooth drawback with a lovely aftertaste. A Very classy example of Dunhills finest tobacco available on the market today, and as an
    Australian customer, I thoroughly enjoyed smoking these once again as here in Australia they are no longer avaliable…..Enjoy!

  8. Jean-Philippe T.

    Excellent product. In fact, my GF and I compared it to Dunhill International bought in the US and we couldn’t tell the difference. Took the no-tracking method of shipping. Customs intercepted one of the two pack but no duties were charged. It arrived within the delay, which are quite long for the no-tracking shipping. Would totally recommend.

  9. dprnknorthkorea

    This Dunhill International is the no.1 brand in Malaysia. The chemical taste were great more than Camel or Marlboro.

  10. Haider Saeed

    Fucking Amazing. So rich and long lasting!

  11. Philip B.

    Absolutely the best on the web.

  12. Anonymous

    Just your normal standard taste of tobacco.

  13. Jeff Lee

    I wanted to say thank you so much I received my order and am very pleased. Shipping was fast, and the cigarettes are wonderful. I will be ordering more. Thank you for providing such exceptional customer service!

  14. antonelloloddo2

    Smooth and long burning, Pleasant Quality.

  15. Anonymous

    These are Duty Free from Asia. No pretty pictures on the pack. They’re superking size and taste great. I would compare it to Marlboro Medium in terms of flavour. Good strength (1.2 mg of nicotine) as well. Very high quality cigarette 10/10.

  16. Connor

    Great πŸ™‚

  17. Philip

    As always excellent.

  18. Monika G.

    gonna die sooner, 10/10 cancerous, i love it

  19. Josh

    Showed up today and I had a few so here are my notes on them.

    I smoked them fast, I smoked them slow, I drew with different intensities and this is what I observed to get the best experience out of them.

    If you’re going to enjoy one seriously take the time to sit down and do so. They are long at 100mm and burn relatively slow. This lends to just relaxing and slowing down to enjoy them.

    I found if I drew too hard on them I was crushing the filter in.

    Construction and packaging are top notch. Someone else complained about them not burning good but I did not experience this.

    Flavor wise it’s not the strongest I’ve had but it’s enjoyable which is what really matters if you ask me. Light but classic unadulterated tobacco taste with no chemical taste like the marlboro reds I’m used to smoking. This isn’t the hardest hitting flavor cigarette you’ll smoke but if you are looking for something subtle and slow you’ve come to the right place.

    They don’t kick off a harsh odor either which is a positive.

    All in all I would smoke these all day long but I found I got the most out of them having one on occasion.

    I can’t comment on a nicotine buzz simply because I don’t get one however I can tell they do the job.

    If you’re looking for a regular smoke you can just pull out whenever this isn’t the one for you. This is meant to be enjoyed and I can understand why it is enjoyed by royalty in addition to being held with such high esteem.

    I would by these again in a heartbeat for the right occasions.

  20. Philip

    Always an excellent experience.

  21. Matthew

    Great Prices, great service, great range. Only place on the Web you can count on

  22. Jeff T.

    Fantastic smokes

  23. Jack

    beautiful smoke

  24. Anonymous

    Quality and genuine product. Would love to have the Dunhill Blue too!

  25. Philip

    Always fast, easy payment, excellent tracking info.

  26. Wojtek

    Very good

  27. Philip

    Fast shipping, efficient, excellent tracking.

  28. Philip

    Always on time. Great service.

  29. Jesse

    A very long cig with a hefty filter, encourages more relaxed and slow drags. A fine, distinguished taste.

  30. Steven

    Delivered as promised

  31. marshall rogers

    Packs were fresh and arrived quick

  32. Douglas R.

    Smooth, tasty smoke. Pack was a little crushed, causing some of the cigarettes to be lightly crushed, but I’m reviewing the smokes here and not the shipping. All cigarettes were still smokable. Probably my favorite smoke so far. Excited to try their cloves.

  33. Anonymous

    best smokes ever, wish i could order a carton from you guys instead of limit of one pack. They are the best non menthol cigarettes i have ever had. I would definitely order these again.

  34. Joe

    Want to thank this company for its service and honesty. Quality cigarettes came all fresh.
    Thanks, ciggie

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