Djarum Coklat Filter

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Djarum Coklat Filter

The mastery of excellent 120 year kretek recipe, Srintil tobacco and finest clove blend, using the state of the art modern filter.

Djarum Coklat Filter is the ultimate choice to savor the moment.

32 mg tar and 1.7 mg nicotine.


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Weight33 g

5 reviews for Djarum Coklat Filter

  1. Anthony Seneck

    Pretty decent but nothing really special imho. They are sweetened and have an even more fleeting chocolate flavor than the unfiltered version of this blend. If you don’t mind unfiltered smokes from time to time I’d suggest trying them over these you’ll get more flavor if you can detect it and you will have a lot longer burn time. Reason I say if you can detect it is because a lot of people don’t seem to be getting it but its there I have a back ground with cigars as well

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

  4. DS

    These are white in color. 12 to a pack and sweet tipped. Really good kretek’s. They however do not taste coklat (chocolate) to me. I wish they did. They are very similar to the Djarum 76’s. Same size and taste to me. Really good smoke, thoroughly enjoyed them. Just didn’t taste any chocolate in them. But still quite a good smoke!

  5. Rob B.

    Smooth, sweet. Hidden gem of kreteks

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