Wismilak Diplomat

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Wismilak Diplomat are premium filter cigarettes made ​​from a mixture of tobacco and best cloves to create that perfect taste of kretek.

A blend of finest quality tobacco and cloves which produce a perfect taste, offering a pride and satisfaction in smoking.

Filtered Clove Cigarettes 2.3 Mg Nicotine 39 Mg Tar.

1 carton contains 10 packs.

1 pack contains 16 cigarettes.

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Weight33 g

47 reviews for Wismilak Diplomat

  1. Joey M.

    These are a little too minty for my tastes. They still taste good but it feels like I brushed my teeth after I smoke one!

  2. DS

    I already love Djarum blacks. So I knew I’d like the Djarum Black Menthols. 50% black kretek flavor and 50% menthol. Really good quality as you might expect from Djarum. I already like menthols but if you haven’t tried these you owe it to yourself to buy one pack. 16 per pack sweet tipped and delicious. I really like them. Will order them again. Djarum always has high quality items. This is no exception. If you aren’t a menthol smoker you could try the plain Djarum Blacks. I love them because the paper they use. Tastes different then other kreteks I’ve tried. Amazing flavor with menthol added. Savor the flavor, smoke them slowly to get full pleasure from them. Great kretek and I’ve smoked a lot of them!

  3. Anonymous

    very fancy! made me feel all diplomatic

  4. giggity-Aus

    In Australia, we have a limited supply of Kreteks at tobacco stores. One is the GG Surya (don’t know if it’s pro-Mild or pro) and the other is a brand called Jet. These taste like Jet which I have no problems with. The only downside is the strength of these Kreteks. Tar is at 33. So 4 stars only due to the Tar content, but these do taste very nice and have a unique flavour to the others I’ve tried.

  5. Christine SPOSITO

    I give 3 stars because is a black djarum, good cigarette, but mixing menthol with black djarum is not a really pleasant taste. Only for those who like really strong clove cigarettes, but not tasty, for me!

  6. kate

    The menthol is strong. Still delicious but the mint overpowers the taste of the cloves. This is a once in a while treat for me.

  7. James

    Fresh and amazing, never a disappointment.

  8. Cathy

    ~the DJ Menthols are in my opinion the Best and the service that I have received from Ciggies World has been Fantastic.I received my cigarettes in just over a week with no problems what-so-ever…they are actually fresher then the nasty ole cigars that I buy here in the U.S. I am so grateful that I am able to buy these. Thank You Ciggies World!

  9. A BLAIS

    Just wanted to thank you guys for an outstanding customer service and swift delivery. I did read a lot of comments on other kretek sites saying that it was not safe and a shady business. But the staff at ciggiesworld.com certainly dont fall in that category. I would recommend anyone looking for fine clove cigarettes to use your services in a heartbeat.

  10. Mr. Kretek, Brno, Europe

    First of all: I like strong kretek cigarettes with full clove scent and sweet filter so my opinion is based on these facts.
    With Wismilak Diplomat I miss the distinctive clove aroma a little but nevertheless this is a good cigarette for relaxing.
    Try Gudang Garam International, Gudang Garam Surya PREMIUM, Sampoerna Dji Sam Soe Magnum Filter or Sampoerna Dji Sam Soe Filter.
    These are my favorites.

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