Wismilak Diplomat

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Wismilak Diplomat are premium filter cigarettes made ​​from a mixture of tobacco and best cloves to create that perfect taste of kretek.

A blend of finest quality tobacco and cloves which produce a perfect taste, offering a pride and satisfaction in smoking.

Filtered Clove Cigarettes 2.3 Mg Nicotine 39 Mg Tar.

1 carton contains 10 packs.

1 pack contains 16 cigarettes.

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Weight33 g

47 reviews for Wismilak Diplomat

  1. Milán

    This site is great! They delivered earlier than I was expecting

  2. Brendan J

    Wonderful taste! very smooth best Kretek Menthol Ive had to date!

  3. Cr34npc

    After smoking one i really didnt care for it. In fact i was going to write my first negative review on here. But just like he says in description, by the third one i was starting to really enjoy these. They are different than the other menthol kreteks like the la light a mild menthol and gg mild shiver. These are a bit stronger menthol and not as sweet. With that said its a good tobacco clove blend and easy to chainsmoke because the other ones can get to be too sweet at times. Definitely will buy these again and if you like menthol kreteks they are worth a try. Just like he says dont give up on them right away. Not really sure why the first one seemed so unpleasant though.

  4. KB

    Very Good Product. Will Reorder Soon. Thank you.

  5. Max

    I like the special sauce on the filter. A little different than other brands.

  6. Anthony Seneck

    So these are probably the sweetest kreteks with an almost bubblegum like flavor. The downside is they are pretty mild on the clove flavor. If these had a bit more of that clove crackle and flavor these would be closer to a 4.5 for me. Another thing I noticed is even though I don’t see any perforations they have less body and feel like you smoking a lighter kretek. I guess give them a shot if all you are looking for is a super sweet smoke and a unique looking cigarette.

  7. Li

    cheap menthol taste.. i discovered that i’m not a Kretek fan.. tried to gave it to all my smoker friends but after tasting it they refused…lets say its unique

  8. Scott

    I love that these come in packs of 16 and they are slimmer that the ones I have purchased in the states. Much smoother. The delivery times was a bit long, but that was understandable due the unfortunate flooding. I am now a customer for life and will only order from CiggiesWorld.

  9. Stephen

    Really good smoke very unique flavor.
    Sidenote, Ciggiesworld fulfilled my order perfectly again!

  10. Anonymous

    Strange kinda sweetness to these, might enjoy one of these once a week.

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