Wismilak Diplomat

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Wismilak Diplomat are premium filter cigarettes made ​​from a mixture of tobacco and best cloves to create that perfect taste of kretek.

A blend of finest quality tobacco and cloves which produce a perfect taste, offering a pride and satisfaction in smoking.

Filtered Clove Cigarettes 2.3 Mg Nicotine 39 Mg Tar.

1 carton contains 10 packs.

1 pack contains 16 cigarettes.

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Weight30 g

10 reviews for Wismilak Diplomat

Based on 10 reviews
  1. Mr. Kretek, Brno, Europe

    First of all: I like strong kretek cigarettes with full clove scent and sweet filter so my opinion is based on these facts.
    With Wismilak Diplomat I miss the distinctive clove aroma a little but nevertheless this is a good cigarette for relaxing.
    Try Gudang Garam International, Gudang Garam Surya PREMIUM, Sampoerna Dji Sam Soe Magnum Filter or Sampoerna Dji Sam Soe Filter.
    These are my favorites.

  2. Selectivity

    Unlit, Wismilak Diplomat has some “kretek” scent (less than most though, and fairly generic) and some sweet smell that seemed related to coconut-scented candles. The box looks very stylish by the way.

    Smoking it, there is some clove/spice taste there (with crackling), but it is too underpowered for me by far. There is a lot of liquid honey sweetness in the smoke, in my opinion too much. The tobacco part of the smoke is fairly rich but unremarkable.

    The filter paper has considerable sweetness, and considerable and remarkable flavour, too. The flavour is sort of bubblegummy, very tasty, and very distinctive.

    One thing I don´t like is the pale, grey patterning on the cigarette paper. It doesn´t look good (in my opinion, obviously), and I think that the use of a slightly thicker paper was to accommodate that pattern (all coloured/patterned cigarettes I have seen have had thicker than usual paper).

    In the end, the cloves/spices are a bit too weak, the tobacco a bit too bland, the honey too cloying, and thicker paper will always make me frown. In no way does it taste bad though, and the filter paper flavouring isn´t holding back on strength or uniqueness. Wismilak Diplomat does, of course, absolutely destroy any of the european version junk cigarettes sold here in Sweden, be it Marlboro, Camel or anything else.

    Full points to Ciggies World as always, on reliability, handling, packaging and speed. I smoke fewer cigarettes per day now, since they are all strong, interesting kreteks. When I am done trying new brands, I will probably end up at 3-7 cigarettes per day, and I will buy them from Ciggies World. It is the only place you need, for kreteks.

  3. Jack

    Very nice sweet coat on the filter so you want to lick your lips while smoking. Mild numbing not super strong like other brands. But, these are smaller than other cloves you will probably ever smoke. Does last a good long time while smoking 8-10 minutes depending on my stress levels. If you had to compare it with any other kreteks Gudang Guram Mild. A distinctly different taste but same mildness. Happy Smoking!!!


    These are an unusual size. They are almost standard gauge and a bit longer that usual, similar to the kretek 16’s that were sold in the USA before the ban.

    They taste a bit harsh and a bit bubble-gummy. Very sweet filter. They are not bad but they are not my favorite.

  5. Katelyn

    These Diplomats came off as almost too strong and a little strange the first time I had them, but after getting a quarter into my first stick, they revealed themselves to be very tasty and satisfying. You don’t want to rush these, their unique flavor holds up better when savored. The tip is quite sweet, but the kretek itself burns boldly and balanced.

  6. giggity-Aus

    In Australia, we have a limited supply of Kreteks at tobacco stores. One is the GG Surya (don’t know if it’s pro-Mild or pro) and the other is a brand called Jet. These taste like Jet which I have no problems with. The only downside is the strength of these Kreteks. Tar is at 33. So 4 stars only due to the Tar content, but these do taste very nice and have a unique flavour to the others I’ve tried.

  7. Max

    I like the special sauce on the filter. A little different than other brands.

  8. Anonymous

    Strange kinda sweetness to these, might enjoy one of these once a week.

  9. Anthony Seneck

    So these are probably the sweetest kreteks with an almost bubblegum like flavor. The downside is they are pretty mild on the clove flavor. If these had a bit more of that clove crackle and flavor these would be closer to a 4.5 for me. Another thing I noticed is even though I don’t see any perforations they have less body and feel like you smoking a lighter kretek. I guess give them a shot if all you are looking for is a super sweet smoke and a unique looking cigarette.

  10. Anonymous

    very fancy! made me feel all diplomatic

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