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Nan Jing – Xuan He Men – Chinese Filter Cigarettes

Nanjing cigarette is made by Jiangsu Zhong Yan cigarette factories.


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7 reviews for Nan Jing

Based on 7 reviews
  1. Lily

    Double Happiness Gold is my go-to brand; this Nanjing is surprisingly different from the other kind I know: it is the slimmer type, I haven’t got around to try it yet. I am glad I could buy Chinese cigarettes online from Ciggies World, they’re wonderful!

  2. Je

    Slimmer than nearly any other cigarette I’ve seen if not all, these are still a medium to full flavor cigarette, according to the factory packaging; they contain 8mg of Tar and 0.8mg of Nicotine.

    Not half bad by any standard, they have a heavy yet rich tobacco taste, with very light undertones of being sweet. One way or the other, a unique and hard to describe taste and aroma that doesn’t linger. Around ‘average’ or what you would expect for burn time from such a cigarette.

    Normally I would rate this at 4 stars, but for the price paid and how enjoyable they were (especially versus most other Chinese cigarettes I’ve seen so far). However, I felt as though 5 stars was necessary with so few information or reviews in English, as I would fully recommend these.

  3. moishew

    I accidentally ordered womens cigarettes.

    These are SLIM, which isn’t made very obvious just by looking at the picture here.

    I’m not sure if this is because of the slim profile or because of the tobacco, but it just didn’t pack enough punch, while managing to be harsh on the throat at the same time.

    The flavor was ok, but for the price, this is something I will almost definately avoid in the future.

  4. Jacob

    Great cigarette, I will buy more

  5. Alessandro

    They are slim cigarettes and the filter has a sweet flavor that remains on your lips. Quite interesting if you like the type of cigarette, but they weren’t really for me.

  6. Dillon B.

    Great service at great prices. Cigs came in perfect condition and taated fresh n smooth. Will be purchasing again

  7. Mingan Y.

    Familiar smell

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