Double Happiness Gold 双喜

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Double Happiness Gold Cigarettes

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17 reviews for Double Happiness Gold 双喜

  1. Joe

    I never had this cigarettes before in my life but I come across this ones in a shop ones and he did offer me to buy and he said they are good and they are very good price
    I did get one pack and it was amazing it is very smooth and gives you a nice hit it as very good I enjoy it every day
    Even I know they bad for me and everyone else.

  2. Joe

    Can someone say how many I can order from Australia Melbourne how many cigarettes we can order can I order 50 or 100 of them ones I never done it before no idea
    It looks to good to believe $4 good price I get the same ones from a shop for $20 it is to expensive to me

  3. Anonymous

    Not bad but probably wouldn’t buy them again.

  4. Nathan

    My first Chinese cigarettes, I was expecting them to be awful and cheap because they’re ‘Made in China’ but they were really pleasant and smelt wonderful

  5. kley

    very delicious cigarette coming from china. i am in america.

  6. Ryan K.

    These are pretty good for the money. Not as good as Chunghwa, but still better than american smokes! A light fruitiness can be found on the draw prior to lighting.

  7. Liam Boss

    Great. Very smooth and taste nice.

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