Li Qun

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Liqun – Filter Cigarettes.

20 filter cigarettes. Virginia type tobacco. China  Tobacco Zhejinag Industry.

11mg tar and 1.0mg nicotine.


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Weight35 g

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  1. Canadian Toker

    An alright smoke to try for the sake of trying.

    A comically long filter that’s nearly half the total smoke would lead you to believe this is a mellow smoke when it is far from it. From the first puff there is strong tobacco flavour and a huge throat hit.

    Smokes well all the way through though, with little to no buildup of harshness. It hits you with everything it’s got from the first drag.

    The box is a hardpack with standard Indonesian health warnings. This was a con in my books, I was looking for a “clean” pack. Probably wouldn’t have bought if I’d known.

    It will be fun to give a couple out and see other peoples reaction to the filters(35mm long. I just checked), for that alone it’s worth the price, but I wouldn’t purchase again, personally.

    As always, amazing service from CiggiesWorld!

  2. moishew

    I agree with the characterizations by ‘Canadian Toker’ of this cigarette.

    The first puff is harsh on the throat, but the rest of the cigarette is silky smooth. Also, keep in mind that since the filter is so long, you’re effectively smoking a non-king size.

    The texture of the filter and the feel on the lips is also very slick and smooth, which is a nice touch.

    Flavor-wise, it is quite good for a Chinese cigarette, but not as good as the standard-bearer, which in my opinion are American Marlboro Lights (or Gold as they’re called now). But definately worth trying if you’re looking for a change.

    All-in-all, a superb cigarette. But the short length and high price will keep me from purchasing this again.

  3. rafajafa

    Glad that I tried, but never again.
    I don’t know what it is, between the silky filter and the extreme smoothness, it is actually creepy lol
    I give it 4 stars because I actually enjoyed trying these, but I was a bit tired of them going through the whole pack.

  4. Ryan K.

    Tasty basic Chinese cigarettes. These are about on par with old school Camel Filters.

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