Marlboro Premium Black

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Marlboro Premium Black- Selected premium tobaccos.

Philip Morris International (PMI) has launched Marlboro Premium Black for the first time in Asia exclusively in Beijing and Shanghai International airports. The high-end premium product offer is a response to the emerging smoker preferences for luxurious and exclusive premium cigarette.

Marlboro Premium Black consists of the finest selected high-quality tobaccos, blended to deliver a smooth and mellow taste sensation. The pack is designed by Ferrari car designer Pininfarina. The ProFresh automatic seal for premium freshness protection is the first that preserves cigarette quality and enables the opening and closing of the pack in one move.

Marlboro Premium Black. 20 Class A Menthol Cigarettes.

Made under authority of Philip Morris International.


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Weight35 g

5 reviews for Marlboro Premium Black

  1. Andrew

    The pack design is stunning.

    I prefer the strongest of cigarettes so these I wouldn’t buy again, however if you like the weaker smokes. I’d say these are about a 8mg, maybe a 6mg.

    They don’t have that traditional Marlboro taste/smell which probably means they have a higher content of Virginia (bright) tobacco in them.

    They’re a very smooth smoke and the burning paper on them looks cool.

    If you got a few spare dollars and can’t think of what to add to your next order, I’d say try these ones. Just keep in mind, they’re definitely not a strong cigarette.

  2. Damian

    Not the grey filtered version I’ve had previously, but a fantastic smoke that tastes better than anything available in Oz. Awesome service ciggieworld, can’t wait for next delivery

  3. Valerie

    A good cigarette but definitely not a methol. Hate the false advertisement

  4. Tom

    I’ll be honest, I love Ferrari, they’re my F1 team. This pack takes me back to glory days of proper Marlboro F1 sponsorship. You pay a lot for the box, but oh what a sexy box design this ciggie has. If you want a strong bold cigarette, look elsewhere. If you want to show off with a light cigarette, or like me, have a peculiar interest in collecting cigarette marketing memorabilia, then get these whilst they are still out. The inner red foil under the lid is beautiful.

  5. Mohammed Alsharif

    I was shocked to see only 3 packs. Waiting all that long and paying this much for shipping for only 3 packs is not worth it. Please allow for more packs to be order under one request. At least 2 boxes per order !

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