Manitou Virginia Gold 25g

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Manitou Virginia Gold 25g – Manitou Hand Rolling Tobacco
The Manitou Additive Free Hand Rolling Tobacco is a premium blend of 100% fine Virginia tobacco sourced from the best growing regions worldwide. All tobacco used is 100% free of any chemical additives, preservatives, humectants and synthetic flavours. There is no reconstructed sheet tobacco or processed stem for a true quality raw tobacco.

The pouch include 1 booklet of premium rolling paper. So easy to roll by hand or in a quick fill injector.

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11 reviews for Manitou Virginia Gold 25g

  1. jonorametta

    This came to me with green and blue mold growing in it. Tried to roll out of the part with no mold growing but almost all of the tobacco was affected

  2. Nima198823

    Too dry for my likings
    I tried CGW bako tobacco and actually loved it.( Not the kretek)
    I haven’t tried CGW keretek but I’m sure that’s nice too.

  3. Nima198823

    Nice but weak

  4. Jack

    Mellow, smooth, aromatic and all around lovely, would recommend.

  5. Jack


  6. Carolyn H.

    Great quality. Great price. Even with the aus import tax still half price.

  7. Nick

    Great taste, great price. Delivery was much faster than I expected

  8. Anonymous

    Haven’t opened yet but I can confirm it is genuine and perfectly sealed.

  9. Rosemary F.

    Very nice tobacco.

  10. Justin O’Connor


  11. Justin O’Connor

    Excellent smoother than almost any other tabacco

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