CGW Kretek Clove-Mix Rolling Tobacco – Original 40g

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CGW Kretek Original rolling tobacco is based on secret recipe passed down from generations of kretek tobacco blending experience.

Blended from selected Javanese tobacco and Virginian tobacco with high quality clove and special sauces, deliver consistent taste from many generations.

Perfected by a time tested Javanese recipe that results in the uniquely delicious essence and fragrant aroma of CGW kretek intense rolling tobacco.

This is an amazing kretek tobaccos that can be enjoyed even without filter. The drag is so smooth, the taste is so sweet and incredibly tasty!

Equivalent to 25 mg Tar 2.0 mg Nicotine when you rolled it to King Size cigarettes.

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Weight35 g

13 reviews for CGW Kretek Clove-Mix Rolling Tobacco – Original 40g

  1. Anonymous

    Found tiny rocks and twigs all fluff no clove hardly

  2. Roup

    Very tasty and strong clove mix with tobacco. Smooth smoke, coarse cut but easy enough to roll. I couldn’t detect any chems, the flavor was excellent with a pleaseant smell.

    Highly recommend. Great quality for price.

  3. liamkais246

    The smoke makes a surprisingly clean, smooth cigarette, with definite sweetness and clove accents even while smoked with a filter. The taste seems generally free of chemical flavour which is likely indicative of local sourcing (since this is the house brand of Ciggiesworld after all) and a lower amount of processing. The smell of the unsmoked tobacco is very similar to what you’d expect from a strong pack of Gudam Gurang or Djarum.

    Only con would be the cut is a little coarse for easy/dense hand rolling, where as a silk cut would be best in that case. Some larger pieces throughout the mix also don’t help with the hand rolling.

    Overall, pretty good and EXCELLENT value!

  4. Gary Liang

    Pure tobacco taste. Easy to roll, but it’s too strong for me

  5. Joey M.

    It’s a little dry, but it tastes alright. I ordered some of the intense clove mix though because this one just wasn’t strong enough for me, but I like to be punched in the face with flavour so this would probably be perfect for most people

  6. Margaret

    Courser that oz but managed to roll easier than I thought , as you just need to rub it before you roll. Good stuff. I

  7. Jeff Lee

    I am very glad to confirm 2 pouches of CGW Bako arrived today from Jakarta, a person named Christine beautifully and securely wrapped them including an 4 pack of teabags and 3 cappuccino candy pieces! What more could I possibly need for an pleasurable interlude!

    I am very happy indeed and will be placing another order with yourselves. Thank You, for your reliable, excellent service!

  8. Kimberly Rather

    Have not been able to use but not what I thought it would be kinda disappointed in this

  9. Anonymous

    Tastes ok. The nicotine was weak, only crackled a little, will try the intense version.

  10. Anonymous

    The spice takes over the taste of tobacco and a bigger pull brings the taste back. Everything in the mix is grind down enough to keep a consistent but not an even burn – a problem with cloves since the beginning but who cares.

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