Mac Baren Raw Classic 20g

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Mac Baren Raw Classic 20g. Natural authentic tobacco. Truly additive free.

This is a Virginia style blend made of naturally high sugar tobaccos from Virginia and North Carolina with a touch of Brazilian tobacco leaves from Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina for added taste. The leaves are hand selected for the best smoking qualities and the stems are carefully removed by hand. Finally the tobacco is naturally barn cured using a centuries old process. The length and thickness of the cut is adjusted with each batch to achieve the perfect taste and burn. RAW has a max. 15% moisture for the ultimate smoke, feel and consistency. Enjoy your favorite smoke in its purest RAWthentic form. RAW and Ready to Roll.

Made by Mac Baren Tobacco Company.

Raw papers made in Alcoy Spain. The natural way to roll. The birthplace of rolling paper.

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  1. longbaughs

    (A pack of Raw papers are included with the tobacco. These are very high quality papers that are translucent and non porous, meaning they increase the strength of the tobacco, are slow burning and will self extinguish if not being smoked. While I do like these papers a lot, using filters is highly recommended, and some may find the flavour a bit too strong for frequent use.)

    This tobacco is of exceptional quality, no additives means a pure tobacco taste with plenty of bite, and perfect moisture for tubing. There are no birdseye bits or unchopped clumps of leaf, and the dryness means you are getting more tobacco per gram. Premium quality in every respect, perfect for every day use. The closest equivalent is American Spirit rolling tobacco (blue/full strength) which is my usual brand, but I think it beats even that in terms of quality and value for money. The nicotine content is impressive too. I cannot recommend this highly enough, it is my absolute favourite of all the rolling tobaccos available from ciggiesworld, both for rolling and tubing. Outstanding product.

  2. bobbymac09

    Outstanding Tobacco.
    Quality all the way…. no nasty additives.

  3. jonorametta

    Definitely dryer than I expected but the smoking experience reflected the same or longer burn than any other RYO. Very well rounded taste and the absence of additives means you a very consistently rich taste.

  4. lenny

    nice bit though dry,got a freebie coffee too

  5. Mitchel

    Litle bit spicy, and dry. But it is smokeable in joints if you use not to much.

  6. Justin

    Not bad pueblo is better

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