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20 reviews for Violin Rolling Tobacco 40g

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  1. longbaughs

    No papers included, this is a decent quality, moist tobacco but once you open it there is no way to reseal seal the packet against drying out, so either rolling/tubing it all or putting the contents into an airtight container is recommended to retain freshness.

    The smell is honeyish unburned, with a rough, rustic undertone. There are a few unsmokable chunks of unchopped tobacco inside that should be removed, but these are minimal.

    This is a strong, dark tobacco that makes a decent smoke that isn’t too rough, but certainly isn’t delicate. Great value for money.

  2. Regan Norman

    Great product very enjoyable

  3. Brian S.

    Nice moist tobacco easy to roll

  4. Brian S.

    Pretty good moist tobacco , smells a bit funky but tastes good and not as mild as most the others. Good smoke

  5. Regan

    nice and smooth

  6. Brian S.

    good service. this is my most liked tasting of the ones ive tried

  7. Pete C.

    Easy to roll and mellow

  8. Evan

    Great flavour, easy to roll and great in tubes as well.

  9. Rand M.

    Good smoke, mild and easy rolling

  10. Chris W.

    Nice smoke at a good price. Good shipping too.

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    Very sweet tobbaco. Similar to Riverstone rum blend. Very smooth

  13. C W.

    Best allround tobacco.

  14. Anonymous

    Yes was satisfied with this brand.

  15. Charles Blocker

    Fine tobacco with good taste.

  16. HandRoller

    Very sweet medium tobacco.
    Nice aroma from the pouch. When smoked it seems like it has a perfume additive. A few ciggies in a row can make me feel a little ill for half an hour or so.
    I am considering mixing this with some other brands to make a cudtom blend.
    Very easy to roll. Stays lit.
    Packaging is 5/5 as always
    (Sydney Aus)

  17. James

    As Handroller previously stated, there seems to be some perfume added to the tobacco to give it a nice aroma but can be a little nauseating after a few smokes. Excellent tobacco, not too strong, not too weak. Arrived in australia in about 2 weeks with very good packaging plus a few extra goodies. Thanks ciggiesworld, will definitely order again. Cheers!

  18. Jaclyn Atkinson

    Very nice very close to drum

  19. Verified Buyer


  20. Ali

    Strong ish

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