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Drum is worldwide the #1 brand for shag tobacco.

Premium Quality Drum – The Original. Drum is a brand of fine-cut handrolling tobacco or shag.

The best quality tobacco blends are created in Joure, The Netherlands. With care and passion our master blenders crafted a unique mix of Virginia nad Brown Kentucky tobacco leaves to create the real Drum Original experience. That is what makes Drum Original so original.

Drum Original Rolling Tobacco is known the world over as one of the premier brands of rolling tobacco available and for good reason. The tobacco has a wonderful rich, sweet, almost chocolaty taste with a delightful aroma that is perfect for even the casual smoker. The specially crafted blend of fine-cut bright Virginia tobacco and dark burley tobacco creates the ideal consistency for either hand rolling or use in injection machines so no matter how it is done, Drum Original Rolling Tobacco is perfect for all roll-your-own enthusiasts.

The consistency of the tobacco ensures that every cigarette will have a slow, even burn and can be ashed neatly with no fear of breaks. The Drum Original Rolling Tobacco is available in an individually sealed 50-gram pouches-over a pound of high quality tobacco.

Packaging: Pouch
Weight: 50g
Made in The Netherlands by Imperial Tobacco LTD.


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Weight60 g

34 reviews for Drum Original 50g

Based on 34 reviews
  1. troyluck08

    The Real Deal, Excellent Flavour and no Fire Retardants. Highly recommend to those who appreciate quality.

  2. pravish_singh

    Beautiful Strong smoke and aroma. The smell of real tobacco. Much better than the fsc coated shit we pay an arm and a leg for in this land down under. Very humid when breaking the seal of a new pack, the aroma is a friendly punch of awesome to each nostril, the cool danky feeling of the tobacco is amazing ,it doesn’t feel like sawdust. The best park is breaking up a small section of bacco only to realise it’s more than enough to roll two cigs. The bang for buck with this pouch makes it worth every cent. The only thing I can fault is the missing Velcro patch they used to come with many years ago. Much better than the tape. Other than that this is on par with van nelle which happens to be another 5/5 smoko

  3. Alan D.

    Good product and service

  4. Julie

    Excellent service will definitely keep using

  5. Anonymous

    Great value for the money. Great to deal with

  6. Gary Liang

    Good moisture, easy to roll. Realised that it is dark tabacco after I received it, too bloody strong and bitter.

  7. Joe M.

    It took just under a month to arrive at my door step in New Zealand; but it was worth the wait. The drum had an awesome favour to it. Would buy again.

  8. Anonymous

    Terrific taste, excellent value thankyou

  9. lehano16

    Great tobacco, has a great smell, taste and perfect level of moistness.

  10. Anonymous

    Great, came fast.

  11. Anonymous

    Very good

  12. Brian S.

    The best

  13. Anonymous

    It was way better than the one in Aus

  14. Brian S.

    Good value tastes like drum from the old days

  15. Andruth P.

    really impressed by the complimentary tea and coffee lollies

  16. Anonymous


  17. Anonymous


  18. Anonymous

    Good, smooth smoke

  19. Brian S.

    Good smokes, good service I buy all my smokes from ciggiesworld

  20. T Farley

    Highly recommended service

  21. Glenn

    No complaints at all

  22. Brian S.

    quick good service. Tastes like the drum of old

  23. Paul C.

    Great value and excellent tab-co ,but not for me I’ll stick with White Ox

  24. Luca

    Once again my package arrived in ~2 weeks to Europe & without any issues πŸ™‚

  25. HandRoller

    Interestingly 2 different orders, with different sending addresses, packaged differently.
    One was a pouch in a sealed zip lock bag. The other is just the tobacco in a sealed zip lock bag.
    Seems to be the same product though.
    Packaging is 5/5 as always.
    (Sydney Aus)

  26. Anonymous

    Extremely tasty tobacco. Tasted so much better than the drum can buy here. The tobacco quality and taste was also far superior than what I had previously bought.

  27. stephan flikweert

    there cool

  28. George


  29. Damon Childs

    great tobbaco just not my flavor.

  30. Dean

    Can’t deny the quality of original drum. Well packed.

  31. Sienna W.

    Good quality tobacco much enjoyed

  32. derek m skor

    did not like it

  33. Justin Emmet Occnor

    besy ryo on the market bar none

  34. Gordon B.

    Pleasingly different from American stock

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