Mac Baren Original Choice 20g

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Mac Baren Original Choice – Explore the world of Mac Baren rolling tobacco.

Silk cut Virginia and Burley  tobaccos with a sweet vanilla and caramel flavour.

Since 1887 we have been manufacturing cut tobacco, using only the best of the best in tobacco leaves. Recipes and craftsmanship handed over through 4 generations has made Mac Baren products to what they are today. Also in rolling tobacco we make it a point of honor to ensure that only the best of the tobacco leaves are used and that only very little stems are left in the final product.

Made by Mac Baren Tobacco Company. Svendborg, Denmark.

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Weight33 g

21 reviews for Mac Baren Original Choice 20g

  1. Jack

    Unlike the traditional clove, Djarum Cherry’s are very quick to smoke. Not tightly packed, not a full flavored cigarette. I suspect it is because of the EU’s cigarette laws which only allow 10mg tar and 1mg nicotine. Would like to try a “Indonesian” version of these cigarettes. Honestly though still 4/5 because I bought them as a novelty and I think they live up to that. Definitely nice to hand to women who smoke and honestly tastes decent! Red filter ftw too.

  2. Rob

    very nice smooth aromatic tobacco, a little expensive compared to the other tobacco on the site but worth it.

  3. Jack

    Rewind to early 90’s cherry cloves and flavored cigarettes in America. A sweet and smooth almost black cherry like flavor, favorite cigarettes ever. Come present day ‘this taste like burnt cherries and cheap tobacco’. Very little clove flavor and less crackling than a Dunhill clove(very quiet for a clove). It’s almost like that hot girlfriend you had became a fat, ugly broad 10 years down the road. Super thin not like Virginia Slims but skinny nonetheless. I miss my sexy cherry kretek, it is a shell of former self. When the Indonesian version is back I will consider buying it. But until then I will not be sold this lie. Not Happy Smoking!!! -_-

  4. Dan

    Just wanted to send a quick note and say that I received my package a week ago and am completely satisfied. Thank you for the Cherry Djarums, I have been searching for them forever. I will be using your service again in the future.

    Thank you so much, I will tell others what a quick and reputable seller CiggiesWorld is.

  5. Mike

    Like Jack says, these cigs are good but not as good as what I remember.
    Considering what options I have, I appreciate these nonetheless. By the way packed very nicely. I will buy these again. May try the vanilla next time. Thank you Ciggies World.

  6. Christine

    Of the few clove cigarettes sold in Europe, this is the best, the black being special and another favorite. Very good cherry aroma, when you consider it’s for european market, the indonesian version , if it would be made, would be delicious!

  7. Gul

    This was my first Kretek cigarette. It was fantastic: not harsh like I’ve heard most strong kretek cigarettes are and it has a wonderful cherry flavour and very slight sugary taste on the filter which was the cherry on the cake, so to speak 😉

    Thank you Ciggiesworld

  8. aaron

    Smooth & sweet. This warm blend puts you in mind of the holidays all year round. “Cherr”ish these.

  9. Tapio

    I just received my second order and wanted to let you know that the package arrived fast and was packed nicely. Because the customs can be complete robbers I really appreciate your great service with the packing and sending excellent products.

  10. seanliang1996

    very smooth like it !!!

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