Mac Baren Vanilla Choice 20g

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Mac Baren Vanilla Choice

Silk cut Virginia and Burley tobaccos with a sweet vanilla flavour.

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20 reviews for Mac Baren Vanilla Choice 20g

  1. Henri Sivusaari

    Good stuff

  2. Russell

    Mmmmm vanilla

  3. Mike

    these are probably my favorite unfiltered’s. strong clove and “sauce” taste and quite a smooth pull. these are the spicyiest cloviest kreteks I have had yet

  4. Jordan Russell

    Having these named Coklat “Extras” is misleading as they taste and look nothing like Coklat Originals. I wouldn’t even begin to compare either of them in any way.

    Non-filtered, they appear to be wrapped in either unbleached brown paper or actual sheet-tobacco which would be amazing. The non-tobacco ingredients are very strong and very complex; I think the clove/eugenol effect is by far the strongest I’ve had to date. Incredulously, they don’t taste quite as sweet as other kreteks, and the tobacco/non-tobacco ingredient taste ratio is well balanced.

    Very dark looking tobacco rolled inside; not quite as dense as your normal kretek but I think that works to it’s favor because the flavor and body profile is exquisite. It seems that Javanese and Srintil(?) tobacco are just plain smooth and strong to begin with.

    Usually I find that paper-wrapped anything tends to overpower any drink I consume whilst smoking a kretek, but these “Extras” compliment the taste of coffee especially and bring out more notes, rather than suppress!

    Amazing plumes of smoke and excellent room note!

    I’ve had Djarum 76s, Bentoel Sejatis, and Djarum Coklats so far, and while 76s are my old standby, these are definitely a re-buy!

    It would be the bees knees if I were to find out that the Extras are a 100% Tobacco/Sauce/Clove kretek with no paper!

    Just amazing!

  5. Anonymous

    A very nice sweet tasting cigarette. The lightest hint of chocolate and definitely some other sweet flavor. Must try!

  6. Lawrence Li

    Good vanilla taste, not the best tobacco though but has a nice aroma.

  7. Anonymous


  8. Aaron Bentley

    I get the sweats from these every time. So strong, so tasty.?

  9. Kretek L

    I was a bit disappointed by these. They are said to have a very unique sweet taste. The clove notes seemed very muted to me. They have a slightly sweet paper, but the smoke tasted a lot like a regular cigarette. The clove taste was minimal and very much in the background, so to speak. These are insanely thick, and they really bothered my throat after a while. Probably the least clove-y unfiltered kretek I’ve ever had.

  10. Kretek L

    Ok, so I tried them again and I liked them a lot more than the first time. They seemed a lot sweeter and more clove tasting than I had first thought. I suppose I could raise up my rating to 7/10, but even though they are better than I had thought, they still aren’t quite my thing.

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