Lucky Strike – Clove Cigarette

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Luckies, Mild. Smooth. Full of taste.

Our best tasting blend with finest Indonesian cloves, for a balanced and smooth taste.

It’s Toasted, It’s Luckies. Enjoy.

Real taste satisfaction since 1871.

16 Mg of Tar and 1.1 Mg of Nicotine

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Weight30 g

3 reviews for Lucky Strike – Clove Cigarette

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    So ive always loved the american non-filter lucky strikes.
    The nutty and sweet smooth taste of the tobacco with the mildness of a filtered cigarette.
    And ive liked the asian and european filtered luckies.
    And ive always loved kreteks. Especially 76’s and dji sam soe super premiums.
    These come 16 per pack
    16MG tar
    1.1MG nicotine.
    About the same amount of nicotine as a standard marlboro red.
    These are the ect balance of the toasted burley lucky strike tobacco complimented with a small of cloves.
    These are great.
    Filter is slightly sweetened as well.
    They burn faster than a standard kretek but slower than a regular tobacco cigarette.
    Took 8-10 minutes to burn
    Everything about these are awesome.
    Design, aroma, room note, taste, smoothness.
    Only drawback on these is that there is a noted slight tickling in the throat after smoking them.
    Unsure if its because i take long drags or what.
    Other than that they are definitely worth trying.

    And they arrived fast.
    10 days to the US

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    These Lucky Strikes are the perfect balance of clove and tobacco. Not too heavy on the clove. It’s like a regular cigarette with clove added to perfection. Sweet tipped. Could be my every day smoke. They’ll that good. Smooth and balanced. I’ll be getting these again. They are smooth. Pack is dark blue and would be awesome, but they come with same graphic cancer warnings as all the other packs do now. But again, this is one fine smooth mild kretek cigarette. Highly recommended!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    I had no idea that Lucky Strike kreteks existed. I used to love smoking unfiltered Luckies and really miss that great tobacco flavor. These are good, smooth clove cigarettes with that classic Lucky Strike flavor with the pleasant addition of clove and spices. The clove flavor isn’t as strong as some other kreteks, making this a very well balanced smoke. Definitely one to buy again.

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