Sampoerna Splash Sunny

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Sampoerna Splash Sunny – Experience the fresh Citrusy Splash Sensation from the flavored capsule.

16 Lasermild Kretek 0.8 Mg Nicotine 12 Mg Tar.

Flavored Citrus Sensation Capsule – Splash now for a fresh citrusy sensation.

All cigarettes sold in store are Non-FSC.

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8 reviews for Sampoerna Splash Sunny

  1. Joseph


  2. David S.

    Great taste with sweetened tip. Loved the flavor. Citrus for sure.

  3. asciibyxoxoxo

    This is the first one where I finished the whole pack in about two days. Really good, much better than the tropical ones.

  4. William F.

    dry and very little flavor

  5. Bryan T.

    Slightly sweet and slightly Kretek tobacco, with a Citrus flavour pod. Very refreshing!

  6. Anonymous

    Best flavor ever! Please dont buy the hole stock πŸ™‚

  7. harold levine

    tried out of curiosity – not a fan

  8. Anonymous

    love it

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