Dunhill Ruby Boost

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Dunhill Ruby Boost – Wine Flavored

Sealed and protected for freshness and aroma with resealable Reloc. Exclusively Dunhill

20 Classic Cut Non-FSC cigarettes.

3mg of tar and 0.2 mg of nicotine.

Made under the authority of Dunhill Tobacco of London.

Perfectionist in Tobacco.

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Weight38 g

5 reviews for Dunhill Ruby Boost

  1. Daniel S.

  2. Bing G.


  3. hugo soares

    VERY GOOD, amazing capsul of wine flavour and it has a lid with glue to close the cigarrets each time you take one to keep the freshness of the pack . Was a very pleasent surprize love it

  4. Dwayne Richardson

  5. Ozmandius

    So the flavour is like a sugary fruit mix sweet thing. It’s like a mixture of fruits but can’t really identify what fruits. The flavour is nice but the only thing I dislike is how light these cigarettes are. Every pull feels too airy for my liking.

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