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Chunghwa 中华 – Filter Cigarettes.

Produced by Shanghai Cigarette Factory. A Shanghai Tobacco Group Co Ltd.

Chunghwa (simplified Chinese: 中华; traditional Chinese: 中華; pinyin: Zhōnghua) is a premium brand of Chinese cigarettes produced by the Shanghai Tobacco Group, a subsidiary of China Tobacco. Due to its popularity in the Chinese market, it is considered the most representative brand of Chinese cigarettes and is known as the “national smoke”. The cigarette package design is a bright red color with the Tiananmen and its Huabiao pillars in gold on the front. “Chunghwa”, or Zhonghua (中华/中華), is one of the common names for China. As a result, advertisements usually use the name as a pun, though this practice has been controversial. For example, the slogan “Love Our Chunghwa” could also translate as “Love Our China” and could therefore be used as advertisement.

The cigarettes have a smell of plums and are purported to have been the preferred cigarette brand of Chairman Mao Zedong. The Chunghwa brand can be considered a status symbol, and the cigarettes are often given as gifts.

Chunghwa 中华 – 20 filter cigarettes. Virginia type tobacco. The People’s Republic of China origin.

11mg tar and 1.0mg nicotine.

We may send you hard or soft pack depending on availability.

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20 reviews for Chunghwa 中华

  1. Robin K.

    The number one selling cigarette in China. Alright taste, maybe a little weak. The paper of the cigarette seems low quality as it ashes quite a lot. I would not recommend smoking this in your car unless you like to wipe ash/dust every other day

  2. Gary S.

    Awesome ordering and shipping – Great work

  3. Ross Hunter

    Fast delivery, great product and fantastic customer service.

  4. Alexander Röhder

    A very tasty and unique Cigarette which I really enjoyed, the price is very high but I won’t judge the price, I only judge the taste which was amazing.

  5. v8rumble

    Best cigarettes I’ve smoked so far. Filter appears longer externally than what it actually is. Great tobacco flavour with no taste of pesticides. More of a smooth honey flavour. I smoke these like enjoying the flavour of a fine wine. Exhale slowly through the mouth & nose. Pleasant smell left on fingers. Only trouble with these cigarettes is wanting to chain-smoke them. So, if you’re looking for the chemical hit of western cigarettes, these would be wasted.

  6. garystair

    Jeff is the ultimate professional and takes care of my orders with great speed and accuracy!
    Thanks for a job well done! I will be back – Gary

  7. Ryan K.

    These are the best of the best. The chinese know how to make good cigarettes and these are their premium line. Chunghwa for all intents and purposes is the national brand and the brand favored by leaders in the Communist party. There’s good reason for that beyond tradition. Before you even light up you get a very pleasant aroma of plum and spice. The smoking experience is sublime!

  8. rafajafa

    Pretty fresh, bold flavor. Hard to describe, it is like a mix of marlboro, camel, lucky and winstons at the same time hehe.
    I will not buy again at that price, but I am extremely happy that I tried. Not the best but definitely a good quality cigarette.
    A whole different story compared with other Chinese cigarettes.
    Buy one, you’ll like it.

  9. Anonymous

    Very good cigarettes

  10. Robert

    I recommend, if you like non menthol or full flavor, this is a great option, would definitely buy again, clean solid cigarette

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