Bohem Cubana Double Apple Mint

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Bohem Cigar Cubana Double – Cuban Inspiration No.6

Bohem Cigar Cubana is inspired by passion of Havana City, the heart of Cuba. Blended 20% of cigar leaves with distinctive scent of cubana will take you to the exotic scenery in Havana in this moment.

New Cuban Freshness. Crush the capsule, double your inspirations. It delivers an exotic fresh taste by blending 20% fine cigar leaf.

Bohem Cigar Cubana Double – 20 class A cigarettes. 6 Mg of tar and 0.5 Mg of nicotine.

Made in Korea KT&G.


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Weight33 g

38 reviews for Bohem Cubana Double Apple Mint

  1. Carolee W.

    Nice with or without the fresh ‘pop’ of minty apple

  2. Stéphane Barbara

    agréable au gout

  3. Anonymous

    Superior flavour, similar to Marlboro crush

  4. Anonymous

    Didn’t really taste with the ball but it was ok

  5. Samuel P.

    Awesome taste and smoke

  6. Mark

    Great taste for a good price

  7. neiriz behizad

    Loved it

  8. Ivan

    My favorite capsule ciggie, just try it and you wont be able to forget the taste of double mojito in your mouth. Perfect size makes for a great break time ciggie.

  9. Josh Stables

    Ok little cigs, the apple really sells it otherwise id be a little dissapointed, would smoke again sure just not something id look out for.

  10. William Faulkner

    Apple doesn’t last long, just a few hits, but taste great

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