Mac Baren Amsterdamer Shag 20g


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Mac Baren is a range of hand rolling tobaccos for smokers who prefer a classic Roll Your Own tobacco and who value good quality and taste.

To create a great rolling tobacco many issues much fall into place. First the tobacco needs to be blended to perfection so that each tobacco will support the final blend with its properties. The production has to be 100% correct to secure the right moisture and cut.

And finally the blend has to be packed in a gentle way so that the tobacco is not harmed.

All of the above is Amsterdamer Original. Carefully selected Virginia and Burley tobaccos from South America and Oriental tobaccos from the Far East are blended to perfection. Treated carefully in the manufacturing process and finally packed in the gentlest way. That is what Amsterdamer Original is all about, a tobacco which is easy to roll and with an optimal cut to ensure the right burn and smoking experience.

Amsterdamer Original has a long and proud history with an attention to detail like no other tobacco. The stems are removed by hand then silk cut to ensure an easy roll or a quick fill into an injector. The blend of tobacco creates a smooth taste with a mild aroma and a light natural sweetness.


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