Gudang Garam Signature Black

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Gudang Garam Signature Black – Precision makes great taste

Gudang Garam Signature is a full-flavored clove cigarette formulated from a blend of the best ingredients and processed with the latest technology to perfect the taste and aroma. The best choice for young professional smokers who are looking for a combination of quality and today’s lifestyle.

1.5 Mg Nicotine 25 Mg Tar.


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15 reviews for Gudang Garam Signature Black

Based on 15 reviews
  1. charles

    Just wanted to let you know I got my package today!! THANK YOU!!! =)

  2. Jianwei

    Just wanna add, that 1 pack does not contain 20 cigs. 1 pack only contains 12 cigs. Thanks

  3. Selectivity

    Gudang Garam Signature Black is a very bold cigarette. It has the Gudang Garam flavour style found in Surya 16, International and Professional, but slightly less of it. It is still very obviously a GG. Everything else, though, is strong, rich and powerful. The tobacco is good, the spices are prominent, and the smoke is very sweet. It is the sweetness in GG Sig. Black that is a bit questionable. The smoke, while not actually being as sweet as the smoke from a GG Surya 16 Exclusive, has a sort of heavy, almost cloying sweetness. The filter paper is very sweet too, though again not quite as sweet as a Surya Exclusive. However, the filter paper on the Sig. Black is also heavily flavoured with a sort of strawberry/raspberry/somethingberry lip balm taste. The filter paper sweetening and flavouring, and the sweetness in the smoke combine into something that is slightly over the top. It is intensely berry-extract lip balm/”greasy” sweetness, fruit/spice heavy, right on the limit, but I still liked this cigarette very much. It is quite unique, very distinct, high quality and impressive. I prefer this over GG Surya 16, though the Surya 16 Exclusive is still better for me. And of course, as always, the one and only Djarum Super tops them all, though the Exclusive comes close.

    I really have to recommend this cigarette to those who like full-size, full-strength filter kreteks. It is wonderful, unrestrained and distinctive. It will be too much for some, but you should definitely try it, in my opinion. I will buy this again, though I wish that it came in packs of 16 cigarettes, instead of packs of 12. Gudang Garam Signature Black, while being just slightly unbalanced and a little extreme, gets full marks from me.

    Ciggies World isn´t unbalanced, though it is extreme – extremely good, that is. I am picking up my sixth order today, and it came here (Sweden) 7 days after I ordered it. Very impressive indeed. Buy from Ciggies World with confidence.

  4. TC

    These might be the best tasting cigarettes on the market, and I have sampled a few dozen brands of kreteks. Everything you like in a kretek, this cigarette has it in spades. It’s amazing how strong these are without being harsh in the least bit.

    Wonderfully strong flavor, smoothness, perfect body (amount of smoke), the length of burn is great, and nicotine kick is whoa! A bit too strong for me, as sometimes I have to stop 2/3 into smoking lest I get dizzy. It might be nice, if they made them a little shorter and came 16 to a pack instead of 12, but that’s probably nit-picking on my part.

    As the prior reviewer stated these do have a tinge of berry flavor, which imho sets off the great clove flavor perfectly. Flavor and body is consistent all the way through from the first puff down to the filter.

  5. andrew

    GG International is my standard of comparison for all of their brand. That has all the intensity and flavor of their line packed into one kretek. The Signature Black is very similar, though it doesn’t seem as sweet to me. I actually don’t mind a little sweetness, so I’ll have to disagree with the other reviews as I don’t think this is as sweet as some.

    Out of the box, they have a strong berry smell, almost bubble gum scent, but smoked it’s much more subtle. Almost menthol with its flavor, which is not a bad thing. Lots of crackle in this one too. The smoke has a unique flavor that I’m really coming to enjoy.

    I have to say the design is incredibly elegant. The box shape is quite unique with folded corners in the front, and the vertical stripes on the paper give it a nice look. The red band and gold lettering sets this one off distinctively. I would consider buying more of these based on the looks alone.

    Very smooth, very fine, great complex flavor. A true GG kretek.

  6. DJS

    These are my favorite full size kretek right now. 12 to a pack. Not mini’s, they are full size. Like others have said, it’s got a slight berry flavor to it. But very slight. These are high quality GG kreteks. Smooth, yet very powerful. The nicotine can really get to you, if you smoke em too fast. Take it easy with these, but the quality and smoothness are there. Great flavor and body. Again they are now my favorite full size clove cigs. Give em a try!!!

  7. DS

    These are really smooth and yet powerful. Slight berry taste in there. Great full size kretek. 12 to a pack. The good quality you would expect from Gudang Garam. This packs a powerful punch nicotine wise. But very flavorful. Really enjoyed them, will be getting them again!

  8. Andrew

    Having tried nearly all the filtered clove cigarettes from CiggiesWorld, these are my all time favourite.

    12 pack (full size kretek)
    31mg tar
    2.2mg nicotine

  9. Andrew

    These are my favourite, wish they came in bigger pack size

  10. Anonymous

    My favourite

  11. Anonymous


  12. Ariff Medwin

    Not popular

  13. Matthew

    I really like these, just slightly less than the Surya 16s, but that’s just me.

  14. Karl

    Like the service

  15. Anthony Seneck

    As others have said this has a slight berry taste but its not heavily pronounced. Its almost like it has a slight menthol like feel. (its not a menthol so don’t let that steer you away) its as strong as a GG international thought they don’t seem to have much of a sweetness if at all. The pack design and cigarette design themselves are really nice and do feel like they are of a higher quality but aren’t something I would pick over most of the GG line. If berry flavor is you thing they are worth a shot.

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