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At Golden Virginia, we believe rolling tobacco should always be of the highest quality. That’s why Golden Virginia has been handcrafted throughout the generations by expert blenders.

We use the finest leafs and the right level of moisture to ensure the quality and freshness is guaranteed.

Golden Virginia is a roll tobacco manufactured in Nottingham, England by Imperial Tobacco and sold throughout Europe. It is a blend of fine-cut Virginia, burley and oriental tobaccos.

According to the Imperial Tobacco, Golden Virginia is the number one hand rolling tobacco in the UK. It is sold in over 35 markets, predominantly in Western Europe.

Golden Virginia – Leading Perfection.


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115 reviews for Golden Virginia Rolling Tobacco 50g

  1. Marvin O’Flynn

    Sweet and highly enjoyable. Quite slim but burns slowly. Beats any Australian cigarette IMO. I chose untrackable postage and it got to me within 3 weeks from order (Sydney, Australia). Packed very nicely and even came with a few candies which was nice. Would definitely recommend to anyone and would order again from these guys!

  2. Anonymous

    first time trying clove cigarette…really good sweet strong bubble gum banana flavor …will buy again

  3. Alessandro

    If you like the taste of Kretek, so like a strong fresh taste of chewing gum or something (cannot really describe it), then these are for you, not for me.

  4. Kimberly I.


  5. Selectivity

    This cigarette has strong flavours. A slightly harsh tobacco without a lot of nuances, with a bit of the old, pleasant 1990s Marlboro “catch in the throat”. The kretek flavour is simple but very bold, and also not like the kretek flavour of any other cigarette I have tried so far. Nice crackling and a sweetened filter paper top it off. This cigarette is yet another wholly unique kretek.

    GG Professional is no longer than a regular cigarette, and is just a tiny bit slimmer. This means that it doesn´t last quite a long as the bigger kreteks, though much longer than Marlboros, etc.

    Reading the other reviews, I almost think that the GG Profs were redesigned just before I ordered mine, but everyone´s taste is different. Again, I don´t know any other kretek quite like this one. It wasn´t perfect for me, but still very interesting, very good and I really enjoyed trying it out. You should try it too, it may well be a five-star cigarette for you.

    Ciggies World are of course perfect. Speed, efficiency, solid packaging and reliability is what you get with them – probably the best online company.

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