Double Happiness Red

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4 reviews for Double Happiness Red

  1. Janice

    lacks a flavor and body profile for my liking, but you might like these if you are into lighter cigarette, its got a sweet numbing taste on the tip of the tongue, no real harshness going down, its a so so cigarette, definitely inferior compared to the double happiness gold, but can still stand head to head with most budget cigarettes

  2. pyrofreak036

    Chemical test, but for that price ok.

  3. Robert

    I bought these hoping they would be my new favorite cigarettes for some reason and I was far off. The overall body of smoke was weak, the flavor tasted like burnt wood and the burn time was way too slow. I give it 2 stars only because it hit the spot, other than that, the flavor was awful.

  4. kevin.peake

    Chemical taste, but not horrible either. Smokeable and worth order a pack to try if you like a throat hit with a reasonable nicotine hit. Doubt i will order again but would pick up again if my choice was limited. Pretty much as per the video review

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