CGW Srintil Tobacco 20g

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CGW Srintil Rolling Tobacco 20 grams in a resealable bag.

Srintil tobacco, recognized by connoisseurs in Bremen, Germany, as the best tobacco, only exists in Temanggung Valley in Central Java. Local tobacco farmers in Temanggung have been cultivating Srintil for centuries.

Srintil tobacco is actually an abnormality of tobacco and as such is very rare. It is grown in the Java region in Temangung Valley. It’s an aberration that only occurs occasionally to some of the plants and tobacco farmers say they have not been able to replicate it anywhere else nor can they force it to happen. The locals say it’s considered a blessing from God and because of this it’s very expensive when compared to other tobacco. It manifests itself in the malformed tops of the plant (and if you know your tobacco leafs the tops are usually where the nicotine is greatest) and produces an extreme amount of resin. Because of its potency and price it is most often used as a spice (like perique) with other tobaccos

As you can see it’s very gummy looking and black. The flavor profile has a musty taste similar to other Indonesian tobaccos — and is similar to gawith twists.

My smoking notes of Srintil: It’s mixed with another burley that I can tell, it’s got fruity notes (most likely the raisin) and because of this it is slightly sweet, I would call it borderline aromatic. It does not smoke as hot per say as the Celebes Soppeng.


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Weight30 g

7 reviews for CGW Srintil Tobacco 20g

  1. Liam

    Not too bad for cheap cigarillos

  2. Gary Liang

    Hard to roll by hands. But sweet, smooth. A little bit hot, too strong for me. I mixed this with other tobacco. One or two piece of leaves are totally enough.

  3. darno

    so hard high nicotine

  4. Adam

    These are not the greatest. They are acceptable, but they end up very harsh, probably due to the small size. They probably rate between 2 and 3.

  5. Anonymous

    Rare tobacco, if you like rich, intense tobacco, you have to give this a try. The only other tobacco I find superior to this is Tambolaka and I hope the shop gets that back in stock soon.

  6. Bryan

    Really distinct flavor

  7. Anonymous

    An exotic blend of natural tobaccos are a treat for your pipe. Complex flavors are a mix of fruit, spices and some sweetness in the background.

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