CGW Bamboo Soppeng Tobacco 20g

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CGW Celebes Bamboo Soppeng Rolling Tobacco 20 grams in a resealable bag.

The most popular native Indonesian tobacco among smokers is Celebes tobacco also known as Soppeng. This tobacco is a kind of traditional Cavendish, using palm sugar as the sweetener and then smoked cured  and finally  pressed on a bamboo sticks.

Palm sugar sweetened and fire smoked cured in bamboo. 

This tobacco is originated from Celebes Indonesia which located in the ring of fire area of the Pacific and thus has a lot of volcanic activity which makes for amazing soil and is where you find some of the finest tobaccos.

What sets this tobacco apart is that it is first thinly sliced after it is harvested it’s shag cut and then it’s cured.

CGW Celebes is even more different because they spray it with gula Aren which is sugar that comes from a special palm tree that itself has a tendency to spontaneously ferment. Next they hang the shredded tobacco in barns and burn coconut shells to smoke it very similar to how Latakia is made. After it is cured they pack it in bamboo, usually wrapped with banana leaves and store it for 6 months before selling it in the chopped bamboo.

The consistency is like a krumble kake, and the taste is totally different from what you may be used to. Please note that it does burn a bit hot but you can varied the pipes you smoked it out of and and varied the moisture — too dry it smokes very similar to semois (fast) so re-humidifying it slightly after you receive it does help slow the smoke.

My smoking notes on soppeng is slightly dry, sweet, and with a very small hint of cinnamon. I notice the woodsy taste that likely is imparted from the bamboo, it burns very well. You will find it quite enjoyable.


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5 reviews for CGW Bamboo Soppeng Tobacco 20g

  1. Greg K.

    This wasn’t quite what I expected, flavour-wise; that’s not to say I’m not enjoying it, but it is more fruity than I usually smoke. It burns quite hot and very completely to a fine white powder, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to hydrate it to the same degree I usually like my tobaccos. Best for a water pipe, I would say.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Stephen

    The cigars themselves are quite nice and they come in a nice little tin. The espresso flavor is light though, it doesn’t really stand out very much. It’s still a decent smoke overall and the price is really good.

  4. Marek Tkotch

    Hi, I just want to say that I’ve just received my tobaccos I bought from you. I am really impressed with your great services. You are 100% reliable people. The tobaccos you’re selling are great. I’m so happy I can smoke quality tobaccos that are not avalible here in Poland. Once again thank you very much. I will definitely buy something again from you in the not too distant future. And by the way that coffee was great too!

  5. Anonymous

    Very tasty either in a pipe or rolled. Try this for a flavorful experience.

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