Camel Purple Mint

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Camel Activate Purple Mint – Control your flavor – Press to Activate.

20 Class A cigarettes. 8mg of tar and 0.6mg of nicotine

This cigarette is the first cigarette containing “tangy” capsule in Asia. This has become a trend in the Asian countries with the presence of this excellent products from Japan Tobacco International (JTI). They also produce other similar brands such as Winston Purple Mint and Mevius Options.

Camel Activate Purple Mint is a menthol cigarette with the additional grape-flavor “boost” capsule (in this case adding a sense of “tangy” to a cigarette). Purple capsule in this cigarette has a slightly different function compared to Marlboro Ice Blast. In the case of Marlboro Ice Blast, the taste of the cigarettes after clicked does not change so dramatically, there is only a slight sensation of mint but with a stronger menthol. While in this cigarette at first just the usual menthol taste, but after clicked the grape flavor will kick in. So this Camel Purple Mint is more comparable to Marlboro Purple Burst.

Camel of Japan Tobacco International since 1913.



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85 reviews for Camel Purple Mint

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  1. cr34npc

    Id actually give this product 4.5 stars but at the price i have to rate it a 5. While it is a camel activate which is overseas version of camel crush, it is menthol straight out of box which may be problem for some. However, it is a mellow menthol and is easily over-powered by the grape capsule. Great taste but worst graphic picture i have seen on a pack to date #autopsy?! its terrible but i keep finding my eyes are drawn to it. No wonder the pic they have here is off hehe. I miss the camel double with cherry flavor but like i said at its price im def buying more and i would recommend trying this if pic bothers u put em in a case. On the other hand anyone asks u for a cig u can show them the box n watch them go pale.

  2. DS

    This is like Camel Crush but the flavor ball is grape. The grape is good but not overpowering. I’d actually like more of a grape flavor. It’s very heavy with the mint. Very nice combo though. Not a kretek. Just a minty/grape smoke. Really liked it and will order again. Silver line around the bottom of the filter and a purple camel where you crush the flavor ball. I crush the flavor ball even before lighting up. It’s smooth, but again really heavy on the mint. Grape is very subtle. Good flavor and kudos to Camel for inventing something like this! Give em a try. Can always get one pack to see if you like them.

  3. pccrusade

    Really good and refreshing cig.
    Love the grape flavor. Menthol is pretty strong but good as hell.

    Great experience!

  4. Mayco Lafleche

    My friend brought this and had me tried it and I fell in love with it. So I purchased a box from you. I think it’s a very creative idea and I hope Camel produce more with another flavor like strawberries. Also, I hope they are bringing this product to US.
    Just want to mention that the shipping and the ease of purchasing from your company is 10 stars! Thank you!

  5. Sean

    I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had a menthol for a while but the menthol in these is super strong, as strong as Marlboro Ice Blast after crushing the bead. The grape flavour is quite interesting, like a candy grape flavour. I would order these again.

  6. Luis Füchtbauer

    One of the best Menthols I know!

  7. michaxcore

    These are my go to, love the price and the grape flavor. I think the grape in the Marlboro Purple Burst is a bit better but you cannot beat the price of these Camels. I really like them but according to the reviews, seems like its a preference of taste.

  8. Rob

    First tried the berry/grape flavor while in Dubai when I ran out of newport’s I brought along from the states. Marlboro, L&M, and Lucky Strike all made them but with a double capsule (1 mint 1 berry). Couldn’t at all tell the difference between any of them, and these camels even taste the same in my honest opinion. Was sad when I came home and couldn’t find them anywhere, but luckily found this site. If you like menthol and berry flavoring I’d say give them a try. I know its supposed to be grape but to me it has more of a berry flavor. The menthol aspect is more of a mint than what you might be used to in the US. More like a spearmint or winterfresh gum taste. I now see why we might not have these things here, lol. Both flavors are reminiscent of candy. Also no FSC on these or anything else I’ve tried here or abroad. Sweet flavors are a “no no” but added chemicals are welcome… ‘merica.

  9. Jade

    Good Methol without the flavour, and very much grape with it clicked. I quite like these ones

  10. Vince Balt

    Great price & great taste, although some shipments seem to have a different potency of grape flavor. All in all tho this is pretty much the only thing I smoke anymore.

  11. Novita Balter

    Good service!

  12. Jacob

    Ordered 1 pack of these as a test run. They were just what i wanted. It took 9 days for them to get delivered to canada. My friends keep on pestering me to bring in some packs for them. 10/10

  13. Mark Knight

    Love it

  14. Taylor H.

    By far my favorite Camel menthol yet. Purchased and received within 20 days shipped to New York those that are wondering or hesitant to buy.

  15. Anonymous

    I am not a fan of grape flavor but still smooth. It is much better than the american brands.

  16. Mark

    Great taste for a good price

  17. Miles G.

    Great tasting grape mint

  18. Lisa

    Great price! Excellent service! Quick delivery!! I will definitely order again as soon as they get the other Camel Doubles in.

  19. Mark R.

    Exactly as advertised. Each package comes with a little “thank you” gift of coffee or candy – a touch.

  20. Mark R.

    Exactly as advertised! You can’t get these in the States – so “shout out” to CiggiesWorld!

  21. Nathalie Mathieu

    Like it

  22. Anonymous

    I was very skeptical at first but I decided to take a chance and was very pleased with the transaction. I would definitely purchase from this site again. Thanks so much!

  23. sethminehart

    Smells like grape cough syrup but the menthol mellows it out when you smoke it. Typical high quality from camel. Came in about 2 weeks to midwestern US which is pretty fast to me. This was my first purchase on this site and I couldn’t be more pleased. Oh yeah they came with some tea and cookies too so thanks for that! 👍

  24. Anonymous

    Wanted to try this one. It’s good! A little fruity. Service from CiggiesWorld is fantastic.

  25. Seth

    Great product and very professional service. Could not be more pleased with the whole experience

  26. Antanas Montvidas

    Like em very much. Good cigaretes

  27. Bryan

    My go to

  28. Anonymous

    Order came within 2 and a half weeks to aus! Good smokes and legit service would recommend

  29. Michael S.

    Great menthol cigarettes, whether they crush the fruity taste capsule or not. Tastes great in both variations!

  30. pascal van mens


  31. Daniel S.

    5/5 Nic dodać nic ujać najlepszy Number 1

  32. scott bihari

    fresh and fast delivery

  33. Johnathan

    My personal favorite! Such a great punch of grape

  34. johleo1

    Best Christmas gift I’ve had in a while

  35. Anonymous


  36. kim king

    i order and my smokes arrive within 2 weeks you are awesome

  37. Joshua

    One of the best, will definitely order some more

  38. Calum

    Great work

  39. Justin Robinson

    Excellent product

  40. Anonymous

    A great cigarette, very nice grape flavour that manages not to be too overpowering

  41. Nathan

    Very tasty

  42. Anonymous

    It has a good fruity flavor and an even better price. These are unlike anything available in the United States

  43. Debra

    Reminded me of the gum cigars we had as kids.

  44. Joseph


  45. jennyrcoleson

    Wonderful. You’ll never find anything like the ciggies from ciggies world in America! These taste amazing with a definite grape flavor after bursting the cap, try these if you like camel crushes!

  46. Kristina L.


  47. katherine N.

    these are my fave ciggies from ciggiesworld. the menthol and the grape work so well together!

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