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Natural American Spirit Yellow. 100% additive-free premium tobacco.

Made with 100% additive free, premium tobacco without reconstituted tobacco and processed stems.

Natural American Spirit Yellow. 20 quality filter cigarettes. 0.8 mg tar and 1.0 mg nicotine.

Made in the European Union (EU) under authority of Santa Fe, Natural Tobacco Company Inc. Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

American Spirit tobacco products pose difficult ethical challenges. The products are made of organic and natural tobacco and do not contain many of the harmful chemicals of other brands. The fact that American Spirit contains organic tobacco means that many smokers who use American Spirit products claim that the cigarettes are safer and better for smokers than the usual commercially available cigarettes.

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10 reviews for American Spirit Yellow

  1. streetlegalcreations

    Beautiful cigarette. Full-flavour, great pack design, ZERO chemical taste, which is a welcome change compared to many brands on the market today.

    My only issue is with how tightly the tobacco is packed. With the filter, these cigarettes are like smoking air. Weakest body I’ve ever encountered. After a couple attempts, I actually ended up cutting the filters off each stick with my cigar cutter and WOW! What a difference. Removing the filter turns these cigarettes into absolute heaven. Great body, great flavour… just a fantastic smoking experience. If you purchase a pack of these and aren’t satisfied, remove the filters and experience the difference. Honestly, these should come unfiltered from the get-go.

    4/5. Would be 5/5 if these came unfiltered by default.

  2. Justin O’Connor

    Great mellow smoke

  3. Gen P.

    I was expecting a better flavor

  4. Max

    Not enough clove for me,very mild

  5. Kitty9141

    Great product to use to get after taste of others ive tried out of my mouth. but these are really just not good tasting

  6. May

    I react to chemical additives, and these are no longer truly 100% additive free. I don’t know what happened, but since they are being made in the EU, they are no longer the same. I can’t find the original anywhere!!

  7. Akbel M.

    Light but it’s reslly good you’d expect it to be light considering it’s yellows so it’s great

  8. Joe

    Been smoking these for over a decade. No matter where I bought them now they taste horrible and stale. Later lost spirit, I hear Denmark export is the way to go now

  9. George47s

    Its pretty good, though I’m not sure it’s worth the price. Really smooth, but not much flavour. Have to cut filter or its no good, better for spinner to chop with. Info on label: 0.8mg Tar, 1.0mg Nicotine, 8mg Carbon Monoxide.

  10. Milo

    I don’t know what happened to this flavor.
    It was one of the best to consume.
    But,that is gone.
    The taste is different now.
    It’s bitter and bad.
    I am talking about here in USA.
    Only the packa with that promotional paper inside the pack has still that good old taste.
    But,without that- horrible!
    It’s like they make some fake and some just like they used to be

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