Tonino Lamborghini GT

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Minimum Order 3 Packs!

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Innovation, dynamism and modernity are the core values at the base of this brand. The packages show the combination of characteristic textures and dynamic lines of the Lamborghini world to create a classic and aspirational appeal. It has been designed as a premium product with technology, energy and uniqueness all blended together in this product.

A special design with a futuristic spirit. A pure expression of the Italian style.

6 mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine.

Minimum Order 3 Pack!

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Weight38 g

4 reviews for Tonino Lamborghini GT

  1. jordanbrownsemail

    I bought these because someone said they have a good citrusy taste to the menthol and I agree its a citrusy or lemon like to the taste of the menthol capsule. Worth trying once if your a cigarette explorer that likes menthols

  2. cr34npc

    Tonino lamborghini has become one of my favorites.. i try to get pack of crispy with every order. As for these icevolt gt taste similar to the icevolt whereas it is a light minty menthol with a very sweet flavor… it feels like it has a just slightly citrus or lemon taste aftertone in the mint that you can just barely tell. I like these but they are very sweet amd not for everyone. Id say worth trying the packaging looks awesome too. A bit pricey but these are limited editions and wont be sold forever

  3. Dn.C.

    Refused to send more than 2 packets at a time, nonetheless, the 2 packets i did order were delivered in a timely fashion.
    As for the products though, the one that was delivered isn’t as the one pictured in this listing it came with photographic warnings all over it very disappointingly I’m sad to say, by the way….
    Anyway, I haven’t tried any of the other 3 out of the 4 Tonino Lamborghini cigarettes listed here on this website although I very much like to they have always been out of stock ever since I found this website….
    That being said in comparison to the ones that I have tried plenty of, I much rather prefer the other three types that I have tried plenty of that aren’t listed on this website, as these ones here that I purchased just have a really strong menthol taste from the get-go with a smidgen of citrus essences, but don’t get me wrong they definitely aren’t a strong cigarette themselves if they didn’t have the menthol flavour they’d be lights which is pretty much standard for any menthols on the market anyway like the Marlboro green which is traditionally just a Marlboro Light with menthol flavour and that goes the same for there any other brand that has menthol lines those there third biggest seller or less…
    As soon as you press the button on the side of the filter the menthol is just supercharged and even stronger than before and along with this double boosted menthol injection long gone will be any citrus essence you won’t be able to taste or smell that anymore if you could to start off with that is of course but really initially in all honesty you only can smell the
    citrus you can’t taste it he just tastes like menthol and if you want I can taste like ultra super extra strong menthol; and I most certainly not a fan of menthols myself!

  4. Anonymous

    Wasnt the original Lamborghini GT, menthol was stale, smell was very light, the filter is not original.

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