Seven Stars Charcoal Filter

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Seven Stars Charcoal Filter

A product of JT International.

Seven Stars is a brand of cigarettes in Japan, king size (85 mm), 20 cigarettes in a pack, hard pack. Seven Stars was launched in response to customer demands for a low tar and D-spec Seven Stars product.

Seven Stars Charcoal Filter – 20 Class A cigarettes.

Made in Japan or Korea

Minimum Order 5 Pack!

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16 reviews for Seven Stars Charcoal Filter

Based on 16 reviews
  1. Ari

    My first time trying these and I really love them.. It’s very mild and smooth.. I also noticed the smoke is also a little yellow? Cool~

  2. Johnny

    Really great cigarettes. Strong but they go down very smooth. They have a really good body and smell very nice. Definitely reordering these!

  3. Jennifer

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with these and I now know. The tobacco itself was nice and rich smelling. But trying to smoke these was horrid. A real kick to the throat making it very unpleasant.

  4. Emma

    This nice strong cig i really enjoyed.i would like to try their other varieties maybe menthol ?

  5. aria

    It’s a nice clean smoke. I decided to buy after seeing them in nana. I really love them and they are great to relax with. Best thing I have ever smoked.

  6. Trent

    Having tried many different kinds of cigarettes from all over the world. And most types available in Australia and Japan, I can easily say that this is one of the best. It it a bit of a stronger cigarette, it has a sturdy through the hit, but it’s the smoothest thing ever to smoke, and the aroma and taste of fine quality tobacco really makes them a pleasure to smoke

  7. Dunkace

    Its a strong cig, nothing wrong with that. What is bad is how rough this is. Feels like its attacking your throat on the way down.


    Great taste, huge body, good throat hit. What else can I say, they’re awesome!

  9. mitchellbrooks99

    Great taste and strong too

  10. Hunter

    Really wish they had more of these, never bought from here but when my friends went to japan earlier this year, they brought some back, and man, they were amazing. But sadly we’ve been out for awhile, so I wanted to surprise them with a few packs for chirstmas, but it looks like stocks are out right now

  11. Tausif


  12. Anonymous

    Perfect cigarette. Strong and smooth.

  13. nikki C.

    Seven stars pack a punch and really hit the back of the throat. Save these ones for a special occasion because they are something special

  14. Marcus

    Strong and smooth great smoke

  15. eg

    the ones i received say made in switzerland. not the same as the japanese version i was expecting.

  16. Anonymous

    great stuff

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