Sampoerna Splash Tropical

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Sampoerna Splash Tropical – Experience the fresh Tropical Splash Sensation from the flavored capsule.

16 Lasermild Kretek 0.8 Mg Nicotine 12 Mg Tar.

Flavored Tropical Sensation Capsule – Splash now for a fresh tropical sensation.

All cigarettes sold in store are Non-FSC.

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14 reviews for Sampoerna Splash Tropical

  1. Anonymous

    Hint of watermelon, very refreshing

  2. Kyle

    Very good. Amazing watermelon flavor. Perfect if your a watermelon fan.

  3. asciibyxoxoxo

    They’re alright, the watermelon/mint flavor isn’t very pronounced. It’s like a sampoerna mild + a flavor capsule. You’re not missing much if you ordered the milds and then saw these later on. They are pretty smooth though, it’ll hit the spot if you like a mild buzz.

  4. harold levine

    tried these out of curiosity – doesn’t compare to the real stuff

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