Sampoerna Splash Tropical

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Sampoerna Splash Tropical – Experience the fresh Tropical Splash Sensation from the flavored capsule.

16 Lasermild Kretek 0.8 Mg Nicotine 12 Mg Tar.

Flavored Tropical Sensation Capsule – Splash now for a fresh tropical sensation.

All cigarettes sold in store are Non-FSC.

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7 reviews for Sampoerna Splash Tropical

  1. Vit S.

    Too weak, too artificial taste

  2. jordanbrownsemail

    bought these and loved them. Its like smoking fruit punch. Of course you can taste the clove too. For me how ever when I smoke these everyday, they kind of burn up the roof of my mouth a little. It is definitely a great dessert cigarette. I recommend as a dessert cigarette to enjoy on special occasion.

  3. William F.

    refreshing but not much more

  4. David S.

    Really good. Tastes fruity and sweet. Crush the crystal ball in the filter and enjoy!!

  5. Anonymous

    One of my personal favourites and super smooth on the throat. The branding and design of the package is what really sells it to me though. Every time you pull one out, it just feels premium.

    Ciggiesworld also did a great service by getting these delivered to me. Thank you again.

  6. Brendan Carrington

    Best cigarettes I’ve had

  7. paul joanes

    Very good company! Honest and behave very legit! They delivered as promised, even offered a refund cause it was taking so long to get them shipped. But i declined and said I would wait as covid has brought things to a near stand still and I trusted them to deliver which they did. Want to place my next order as soon as they can get flights to deliver

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