Sampoerna Dji Sam Soe Magnum

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Balanced blend of high grade Java aromatic, American and other high quality tobaccos. The distinctive flavour, taste and aroma come from the addition of fine natural cloves. This quality cigarette is brought to you with pride and an uncompromising dedication from the House of Sampoerna.

Enjoy 234 Magnum’s perfection equipped with special filters. Made from the best tobacco, high quality cloves and special sauces that have been maintained since 1913. Designed with precision that represents the taste and aroma typical of Sampoerna Magnum 234, the perfect enjoyment.

12 Filtered Clove Cigarettes. 2.3 Mg Nicotine 33 Mg Tar.

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16 reviews for Sampoerna Dji Sam Soe Magnum

  1. Michael

    I got these because they were incorrectly advertised as the Super Premium 234s (those have been discontinued). It was a little disappointing. These really are insanely thick, probably almost the size of a Swisher sweet. They are rolled in white, plain paper and they have sort of an odd smell unburned. Almost menthol-like. Tastewise, I think they are much milder than the regular Dji Sam Soes… the tobacco flavor in these is really harsh and dry tasting. The cloves seem to be an after-thought.

  2. Michal

    Intensive, strong, yet very tasty cigarettes. Thicker than standard king sizes, they burn longer and deliver more smoke.

  3. Kris

    These bad boys will kick your ass if you aren’t careful. They have a fantastic taste and quite a bit of nicotine. If you haven’t tried these yet, you should – just make sure you’re sitting down when you do.

  4. Jason

    Since I found out the special flavour of indonesian cigs when visiting Bali I’m an enthousiastic kretek smoker. The best of all is the Magnum, thick, long lasting and giving you the best feeling when inhaled. This cig makes me happy every morning when I light up and inhale the first drag. I can only recommend it.

  5. Dandia Ojo

    Unstable taste, somewhat bland, hard on your chest, quality getting bad when it’s stored longer, it gets dirty on the filter and all of the cigs cause of way too much cloves oil.

  6. Rachel

    These are very strong, and very good. The flavors are quite spicey and the sweet is a deeper sweet, like burnt sugar or lightly roasted marshmallows. I haven’t smoked a better made kretek by Sampoerna, even though I’ve tried. They are not quite as balanced as the Djarum Super, but they are nice alternatives, there’s something unique about them, and every kretek lover should try them at least once.

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