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RAISON Presso has pioneered a new concept market with its features, such as a distinctive fragrance and filter, which are clearly different from existing products, and gained unbroken popularity, mainly around university campuses where young people are concentrated, since its launch in July last year. So far, about 500 million RAISON Presso cigarettes have been sold.

6 mg tar and 0.6 mg nicotine

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  1. Xiang

    This one is a really good flavor i get a hint of raisons but alot of coffee didnt expect the raisons the coffee isnt really overbearing and its more of a espresso flavor than coffee

  2. Izaya

    So living over in the States, there’s a severe lack of flavored cigarettes since the FDA banned them in 2009. You can imagine my excitement when my Korean friends told me they had coffee flavored cigarettes over there. I ordered two packs of these to test the legitimacy of Ciggiesworld and also to test if they would make it through U.S. customs (Shipping ended up being more than the packs themselves). Well good news, because they passed both tests.

    Well, let me start off with the packaging. I don’t know about other foreign cigarettes, but the packaging on these was very informative. On one side, you have the amount of nicotine and tar listed and on the other side you have a mascot telling you to toss cigarette butts into the trash when you’re done with them instead of littering. The back lists the type of tobacco, where it originated, how it was cured, and some sort of content (Brazilian Tobacco Leaf, sourced from Santa Catarina, cured by flue, and 16% content). Additionally, there’s a lot of Korean on there which I can’t read.

    So the cigarettes themselves definitely smell like coffee. Specifically, they smell like espresso with vanilla added. If you were hoping for a strong coffee taste, you’ll be disappointed. It’s a very weak taste and more of an aftertaste than anything. The nicotine and tar itself is very weak compared to U.S. cigarettes, but I wouldn’t consider that an issue. These are definitely light cigarettes though, and anyone who’s used to U.S. cigarettes will most probably not get a buzz.

    Overall they’re average, and if not for the subtle coffee flavor, they would get two stars from me. Since I know Ciggiesworld is legitimate now, I’ll definitely be ordering from them more often and experimenting with different cigarettes.

  3. Roger

    Lived in Korea for a year loved these. Absolutely my favorite. Xiang….your an idiot…they aren’t “Raison” flavored ciggarettes…thats the company brand name. The smell and taste is coffee and they smoke amazing.

  4. s.kim

    I really loved these back when I ordered them years ago. Sad to see they’re still out of stock. The coffee flavor was pleasing but not overpowering and complimented the tobacco

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