Mac Baren Virginia 20g

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A classic blend with several grades of Virginia tobacco.

Mac Baren is a range of hand rolling tobaccos for smokers who prefer a classic Roll Your Own tobacco and who value good quality and taste.

The blends are made from the best tobacco leaves from around the world. Only the best leaves are used, leaving only very little of the tobacco stem in the finished product. We are proud to call it Mac Baren.

The tobaccos have been silk cut to ensure easy rolling by hand or in a quick fill injector.

Times change. Good taste endures with Mac Baren hand rolling tobacco.

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17 reviews for Mac Baren Virginia 20g

  1. Nikk Beach

    Great products, packaging and payment felt sketchy – but hey! Great price and service!

  2. Ivan

    Oh man, these were amazing! For the price you get a very decent cigarillo blunt with much aroma and such flavor:)

  3. bchager

    I enjoyed smoking these. They have a nice, strong, clove smell to them. When lighting them I could taste the clove on my lips before they were lit. They are also very smooth; smooth enough that I was able to inhale a bit of each drag without feeling any harshness or getting a headache afterwards. Seemed like a natural thing to do given that they aren’t too much bigger than cigarettes. They ARE cigarillos though; not to be mistaken for clove cigarettes. They definitely have a cigar taste and smell as well.

  4. Anonymous


  5. ethan.stamp

    These are really good, it doesn’t taste as strong as djarum blacks when it comes to the cloves, but its really good and not overwhelming. The usual cigar taste is there and mixed with the cloves its great!!

    Really well packaged and individually wrapped. I love the pack design as well.

    Definitely worth a buy.

    Well done Ciggiesworld (2 weeks to UK) 11/10

  6. Anonymous

    Very nice and cheap cigarillos

  7. longbaughs

    (A pack of Gizeh brand rolling papers are included, they are heavy weight papers with cut corners. Good quality, but note they are very fast burning and porous, meaning the strength of the tobacco is reduced and they do not go when not being smoked.)

    Smell unburned is quite sickly, but when smoked there is no real flavour to speak of at all. This is good and bad in that it doesn’t taste offensive, but there is really nothing positive to say either. I would describe this as the most neutral tobacco I have ever smoked, since it doesn’t really taste of anything.

    The quality is good, there are no stems or chunks, it just left me wanting something more bold. Very mild in strength.

  8. Anonymous

    They’re good, but I prefer cigarettes.

  9. Stephanie

    It tastes similar to djarum black but can last more than 7min! Really awesome taste, but please don’t try to inhale it. I tried to inhale once and got some hard feeling in my lung.(a cigarillo is not suppose to inhale) overall, not bad. But six per box are not enough for me lol.

  10. clearwaterkeith1

    Very good really happy with the purchase

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