Henri Wintermans Half Corona


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Henri Wintermans is known as the world’s #1 cigarillo brand. This Dutch company has a long and respectful history that has stared over a century ago. Since early 1900s it has been importing top quality tobacco from best regions in Cuba, Indonesia and Colombia to create a unique taste and rich flavor that are loved by millions of smokers. Cigarillos are small cigars. They are as rich in taste and flavor as classic cigars are, but offer a quick smoking and are suitable in situations when you don’t have enough time for a cigar. Henri Wintermans seems to be the first cigarillo that the majority of smokers have ever tried. It’s mild and rich taste is loved by men and women, newbie and experienced smokers. For those smokers who enjoy stronger cigarillos Henri Wintermans has darker Corona and half Corona.

1 Pack Contains 5 Cigarillos.

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