Gudang Garam ProMild

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Surya Pro Mild first launched in 2009 and not more than 3 years later has successfully positioned itself as the top five kretek brands in the low Tar and Nicotine category.

Unpretentious and constantly challenging the norm. That?s what Surya Professional Mild stands for. Its ?Mild yet Strong? blend promises you a unique smooth sensation with full flavor kick.

18 Mg Tar and 1.3 Mg Nicotine. 1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 16 cigarettes.

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12 reviews for Gudang Garam ProMild

  1. David S.

    Really good. Mild. High quality.

  2. TC

    Tasty enough for a kretek and consistent all the way through. Balanced flavor subtly different than other milds. These produce a lot more smoke whether actively being smoked or between puffs sitting in the tray. That might be a plus or a minus depending on your preference. Take shorter drags on these if you prefer a bit less smoke, you’ll still get plenty of flavor.

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