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ESSE Gold – The Leader’s Signature.
Tribute to the refined connossieur with the supreme quality leaves.
3.5 Mg TAR and 0.45 Mg nicotine

Minimum Order 3 Pack!

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Weight38 g

4 reviews for ESSE Gold

  1. kelley

    they’re not as good as the regular umild can barely even taste the clove in it.

  2. DJS

    Really good menthol kretek. Made by Marlboro. Smooth, good quality. Burn a little faster than other kretek’s i’ve tried. One of the better menthol kretek’s out there. I’ll be ordering again.

  3. DS

    I really enjoyed these menthol kreteks. I ordered a pack to try, now going to order a carton. They are perfect blend between menthol and clove. Really enjoyed smoking these. Only draw back was they burn faster than most kreteks. Typical for a Marlboro product. But none the less they are a good quality menthol kretek. Even if you aren’t a menthol smoker I bet you like these! Try a pack out and see for yourself. They are one of my favorite menthols now. GG shiver and Sampoernas’ Menthol are also way up there.

  4. Consumer

    It says made by Marlboro, but it does not say Marlboro anywhere on the pack, only Sampoerna.

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