Double Happiness Gold 双喜

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Double Happiness Gold Cigarettes

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17 reviews for Double Happiness Gold 双喜

Based on 17 reviews
  1. Josh

    These cigarettes do not taste good at all.

  2. john

    Nothing fancy, but nothing worthy of damnation, taste is somewhat of an watered down virginia tobacco, which on the pack does indicate that it is made with virginia, similar to du maurier but with milder body. not at all bad

  3. Anonymous

    Great transaction and communication. Would buy again.

  4. damian

    very smooth ,its good for light smokers and affordable.

  5. Anonymous

    Not bad but probably wouldn’t buy them again.

  6. moishew

    These are not the same as imported Double Happiness Gold I was able to obtain locally.

    The genuine, local product had a filter with a different pattern and I believe also a coarser cut of tobacco (or was it vice versa…).

    The local ones tasted good, these had a noticeable chemical taste (but not as intolerable as something like “Sheriff” brand).

    I will avoid these in the future.

  7. Liam Boss

    Great. Very smooth and taste nice.

  8. rafajafa

    Lets raise the rate of these ones!
    Take every review with a grain of salt, including mine.
    Sometimes cigarettes don’t arrive in good condition, it happened to me before.
    These ones came very fresh. Tar 12mg, Nicotine 1.1mg
    No Indonesian seal, so I guess duty free.
    Regardless of numbers these cigarettes are quite strong. They give you a good hit and they taste really good. I don’t know whit what could I compare, but it tastes like any other ordinary cigarette. Good quality tobacco.

  9. IcyboiMytype

    Great transaction and love these cigarettes. Compared to Marlboro red they are very luxurious.

  10. Nathan

    My first Chinese cigarettes, I was expecting them to be awful and cheap because they’re ‘Made in China’ but they were really pleasant and smelt wonderful

  11. Anonymous

    Not a big fan personally but not bad either

  12. Justin O’Connor

    Good smoke bettter than most including red Marlboro

  13. Jason

    Best quality in the market with reasonable price. Taste not bad at all, first several hits is fabulous

  14. Joe

    I never had this cigarettes before in my life but I come across this ones in a shop ones and he did offer me to buy and he said they are good and they are very good price
    I did get one pack and it was amazing it is very smooth and gives you a nice hit it as very good I enjoy it every day
    Even I know they bad for me and everyone else.

  15. Joe

    Can someone say how many I can order from Australia Melbourne how many cigarettes we can order can I order 50 or 100 of them ones I never done it before no idea
    It looks to good to believe $4 good price I get the same ones from a shop for $20 it is to expensive to me

  16. Ryan K.

    These are pretty good for the money. Not as good as Chunghwa, but still better than american smokes! A light fruitiness can be found on the draw prior to lighting.

  17. kley

    very delicious cigarette coming from china. i am in america.

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