Shiro Nicotine Pouch


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Shiro is an all white product, which contains nicotine, but no tobacco at all. Shiro is made of pure plant fiber with added nicotine. The product provides an effective nicotine experience and a long lasting pure flavour.

The name of this brand means ‘pure as white’ in Japanese, which is very fitting. Shiro nicotine pouches are a glistening all-white color as they are 100% free from tobacco, meaning you do not need to worry about teeth staining or bad breath. There is a broad selection of fresh, exciting flavors to choose from, including mint, berry, licorice, and lime! With nicotine contents offered from 2.0 mg/g to 15.5 mg/g, users of all experience levels can find a strength that suits their needs.

Made by Philip Morris

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Weight45 g

Aromatic Clove, Cooling Mint, Sour Ruby


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