Raison French Yogo 1 MG

(7 customer reviews)


Minimum Order 5 Pack!

This product is ONLY available for USA!


1 mg tar and 0.1 mg nicotine

Minimum Order 5 Pack!

This product is ONLY available for USA!

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Weight33 g

7 reviews for Raison French Yogo 1 MG

  1. nd8011

    Easy to smoke for new smokers.

  2. JulioSanjuan

    These are a flavored menthol cigarette. The flavor is good, but I don’t know if it really tastes like yogurt. It’s kind of nutty.

    There are two rows of perforations on the filter tip.

  3. Stefan

    The low Tar and Nicotine is evident but the taste is pleasant and they’re a great ciggie to have if your just an occasional smoker like me.

  4. Anonymous

    Prompt shipping, very hard to find and was happy to buy. Returning customer.

  5. Aidana S.

    As a returning customer, I can say this is by far my favorite cigarette. Love it!!!

  6. jordanbrownsemail

    These are great in my opinion. I bought them for the flavor and I am completely satisfied.

  7. eastcastle

    The making and packaging of the product is super high quality. The taste is good. Especially the low tartar (1mg) and nicotine (0.1 mg) which however I like to confirm. Underestimates of these components affect health adversely.

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