Mac Baren Django Original 20g

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Mac Baren Django Original 20g.

To create a great rolling tobacco many issues much fall into place. First the tobacco needs to be blended to perfection so that each tobacco will support the final blend with its properties. The production has to be 100% correct to secure the right moisture and cut.

And finally the blend has to be packed in a gentle way so that the tobacco is not harmed.

All of the above is Django. Carefully selected Virginia and Burley tobaccos from South America and Oriental tobaccos from the Far East is blended to perfection. Treated carefully in the manufacturing process and finally packed in the gentlest way. That is what Django is all about, a tobacco which is easy to roll and with an optimal cut to ensure the right burn and smoking experience.

Made by Mac Baren Tobacco Company in Svendborg, Denmark.

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17 reviews for Mac Baren Django Original 20g

  1. Daryl

    So unlike most djarum products I’ve tried that have quite a robust, intense flavor.. The LA lights are in contrast very toned down and mild. This is definitely a light kretek. The kretek is triple perforated which to me is a bit excessive, and its noticeable during the smoke. It almost feels like a drink with water added to dilute the flavor. Thats the best way to describe the LA lights in my opinion.. The flavor itself is pretty good, and the menthol is combined well. If you enjoy blatantly light cigarettes or kreteks you may enjoy these.. I however do not, and therefore didnt really love this kretek

  2. DS

    These are mini kreteks. Menthol very light and smooth. Good quality. Djarum is a great brand and once again produce a high quality kretek. Menthol is smooth, not overpowering. Sweet tip and good body to it. Overall excellent cigarette!!

  3. DS

    Really enjoyed the Djarum LA menthol lights. Very smooth and definitely a light kretek. Sweet tipped, menthol is smooth. Very similar to the GG Neslite. I’ll order these again. Mini kretek with light menthol taste. What’s not to like. Enjoyed them very much!

  4. Scott Taylor

    They are OK.

  5. cr34npc

    Its been a long time since ive had a clove cigarette, since I live in the US. When I opened this pack, the smell took me way back. This is my first menthol clove so I dont really have anything similar to compare so far, but as a clove cigarette it tastes really good. The menthol could have been a bit stronger/more minty , as the light menthol blends right into the sweetness of the clove. All in all the price is great I think and Is definitely worth trying to anyone who likes kretek/cloves and/or flavored cigs. Has that distinctive clove after-taste that lingers

  6. Michael

    Ganz ok,etwas stark, bevorzuge aber die nicht-kretek Zigaretten wie zb Dunhill oder Marlboro Menthol

  7. David

    Delicious. Menthol freshment. But a bit expensive.

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